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WVU has a parking price problem | Opinion

Students hate paying exorbitant amounts for parking. As a hardworking student myself, I understand that trying to pay for parking on top of living and school expenses is painful.

WVU should create a parking lot strictly for students, and these students should be able to donate what they want. Call it a coin garage.

Sure, the university might have parking at Mountainlair or Evansdale Crossing, but many can’t afford it every day. Some students have difficulty, whether it is paying for their studies or paying their rent and bills.

Currently, parking in the Mountainlair costs $ 1.50 per hour. Imagine working a six hour shift. It’s about $ 9.00 per day. It adds up quickly, easily amounting to several hundred dollars a year.

Stress eats away at the minds of the college age generation. These financial concerns are linked to other academic and social repercussions.

Students living off-campus, in particular, are plagued by the worry of knowing where to park to get to their classes or their student organizations in a timely manner, without having to spend their savings to be able to attend. At WVU in particular, this is a concern due to the dispersed nature of the campus.

WVU parking doesn’t have to be free, but it could be a more affordable alternative. Most people have loose change floating around their car. If everyone paid what they could when they could for a new university parking lot, the minds and wallets of the students would benefit.

According to WVU Transportation, the campus based its parking rates on rates in local Morgantown areas. The intention was to make parking affordable for students, but this intention is overshadowed by the University’s desire for convenience.

One important flaw to note: the University’s partnership with ParkMobile in recent years has increased parking rates. Although the University now offers to pay for parking with credit cards through the ParkMobile app, the convenience has not come without a cost.

Parking permits at WVU are not always favorable either. It is not uncommon for an undergraduate student to have a parking space next to the law school, requiring them to walk a mile to reach their vehicle.

At Marshall University, parking permits differ. Permits for the whole year are only $ 170 and students are not confined to a single lot. At WVU, it costs at least $ 252 per year to park your car in gravel terrain. Prices increase considerably with paved or covered spaces.

We, as students, have the capacity to voice our concerns and implement change. Parking at WVU isn’t easy, but the solution is. If the University of West Virginia added a coin parking garage, students across campus would benefit.

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