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Watch your vehicle, 12-14 two-wheelers are stolen daily in Pune

Pune and Pimpri-Chinchwad police station areas have seen up to 1,830 two-, three- and four-wheeler thefts in different public places, showing an average of 12 to 14 two-wheeler thefts per day. Thieves were found to target brand new two-wheelers on the outskirts and suburbs of police stations, and the detection rate also remained low compared to the number of stolen vehicles, although victims had to make multiple rounds of police stations, looking for investigative details of their stolen vehicles. The thieves were also found to steal luxury cars by hacking into sophisticated software from those vehicles. Minors have been found stealing sports bikes to commit crimes such as chain robberies, physical assaults and attacks on rival gangs.

PCMC DCP Kakasaheb Dole said he arrested four suspects for their involvement in at least 15 incidents of chain robbery using sports bikes between 2021 and 2022. “Their role came to the fore when we gathered intelligence at ground level and performed a detailed analysis of CCTV footage in which their criminal acts were captured,” he said.

Social worker Akash Ghule said, “Many people take out loans and buy two-wheelers to use in their daily work. It becomes a difficult task when these two-wheelers are stolen as EMIs have to be paid despite the bikes being insured. Citizens tend to park their vehicle just outside or near their place of work and do not think about where they park. They should lock their bikes and ensure they are parked in a public area monitored by CCTV, as there is less risk of bike theft. In addition, the police must increase patrols and the detection rate must increase in relation to the rising theft rate in the city,” he said.

PCMC Police Commissioner Ankush Shinde said the officers are raising awareness among citizens to prevent vehicle theft. “This is an elaborate process of detecting vehicle theft and subsequently returning the two-wheeler to the owner. Special efforts have been made to prevent vehicle theft and to stop gangs of vehicle thieves “, did he declare.

DCP (crime) Sriniwas Ghadge said: “We are taking strong action aimed at preventing vehicle thefts and an anti-vehicle theft team has been urged to act to ensure that such thefts are prevented. Residential areas refer to housing societies and pockets of slums or sprawling areas in and around the city. Residents of slums do not have adequate parking lots and their vehicles remain parked on public roads or small lanes of vast ones and vehicle thieves then steal these vehicles.

Ghadge also pointed out that housing corporations on the outskirts of town do not employ security guards or have CCTV cameras, making them sitting ducks for thieves to steal the two or four. wheels from these places. The investigation and analysis of the crime branch in the recent past has revealed that the maximum number of vehicle thefts have been reported in Area 5 due to its very large area, which also includes factors such as development fast urban. In addition, vehicle thefts have been reported in areas of Zone 4, citing reasons such as: these areas have dozens of development projects related to commercial and housing companies. Stolen vehicles have been found being sold in rural Pune, Marathwada and northern parts of the state where their spare parts are in demand at cheaper rates. The modus operandi includes the dismantling of the vehicle and the sale of spare parts to mechanics.


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