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Voters will face a general improvement tax for Alliance City schools

ALLIANCE — Residents of the Alliance City School District will face a general improvement tax in the May 3 primary election.

The permanent $2.7 million levy would generate about $842,000 a year for the school district.

Alliance City Schools Superintendent Rob Gress said the issue will not create additional costs for ratepayers.

Gress said the district will finish repaying the 1999 bonds this year that funded the construction of the new elementary, middle and middle schools, as well as the renovations to Parkway and the Early Learning School.

The new levy would cost taxpayers $7.88 per month per $100,000 of assessment, the same amount they have paid in the past 23 years for the bonds.

Gress said the funds will pay for maintenance and repairs to various aspects of the school’s buildings, including roofs, floors, fences, doors, HVAC systems, security cameras and parking lots.

The buildings are still in good condition, Gress said, and the money would allow the school district to maintain them. He added that because the buildings are about the same age, many of these types of repairs will need to be done simultaneously.

Gress said the ongoing levy cannot be used for other purposes, such as salaries or human resources matters.

District residents renewed a separate $2 million levy to help maintain buildings at district facilities in November.

For more information, contact the Levy Committee at [email protected]

Ohio’s primary election remains muddled, due to a failure to produce maps to establish State House and Senate districts. According to state election officials, it is not possible to hold state-level races in the May election. Under Ohio election rules, early voting must begin Tuesday, after Monday’s deadline to register to vote in the May primary.

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