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Vizag Airport can now operate 120 flights per day with new N5 taxiway ready – The New Indian Express


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VISAKHAPATNAM: Visakhapatnam Airport is ready to accommodate additional slots, as the N5 taxi runway is ready to operate after security clearance and airport authority approval.

With this, the airport can witness an increase of two flight movements per hour and a total of 25 to 30 flight movements, bringing the total movements per day to over 120.

The lack of slots has been a major obstacle to introducing more flights from Vizag and with the new taxi runway ready, Vizag will now be more connected, according to airport manager Raj Kishore.

Talk to TNIERaj Kishore said the commissioning of the new taxiway, which has been on hold for nearly four years, will meet the long-standing demand for increased slots for flights at the airport. The linear expansion, which was undertaken at a cost of Rs 70 crore, was nearing completion and only 10 percent of the work remains. State-of-the-art facilities and equipment will be provided to passengers after the expansion, giving the airport terminal a new face.

“The capacity to handle peak passenger traffic will increase from the current 700 to 1,050,” said Raj Kishore, adding that 10 more check-in counters would be set up and customs and immigration offices would be expanded. A main pastry shop will be open at the terminal, which will facilitate outlets for brands such as KFC and McDonalds. In addition to more carts, toilets and other basic equipment will also be provided. He said that only the integration of old and new buildings was on hold due to the lack of workers for the demolition of the wall.

Even during the Covid pandemic, the inspection of the N5 taxi runway by the investigation team was completed. “There are now six new parking spaces for A320 flights in addition to the six old parking spaces. They are in addition to the four parking spaces in the old terminal. There are three aero-bridges and three parking spaces. With the increase in parking capacity, more flights can be operated from the airport. In addition to five taxi lanes, including the new N5 taxi lane, the airport can handle more than 120 flight movements in a day. Vizag airport will now be well connected to all cities, ” he said.

In addition, early morning departure flights can be started from Vizag. At least 12 flights can land and take off at the airport every hour, he said. There are more early morning slots at the airport, and overnight parking can be allocated for four to five flights. Development on the city side of the airport has been completed. On the national road to the airport, a light panel was being installed. But, there was a delay in lighting the painting due to the Covid situation.

The erection of an awning at the front of the airport has now made it easier for passengers to arrive in all weather conditions. To prevent the overflow of water from the Kondageda and Meghadri Gedda canals during the rainy season, the authorities have installed valves to prevent the flow of backwaters in Kondagedda. The canal diversion proposals have been finalized, but due to the Covid, work could not start. Work should start as soon as the situation improves.


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