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Vendors for an action against rental bike owners occupying a parking lot in Margao

October 23, 2022 | 06:51 IST

Vendors for an action against rental bike owners occupying a parking lot in Margao

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MARGAO: Rental bikes occupying the public parking space continue to haunt the city of Margao. And therefore, the sellers of Margao, in addition to the general public, demanded strict measures against the owners of these rental bikes at the earliest.

Locals complain about the parking space used by many bicycle and car owners for a very long time. Several vehicles are noticed parked for several days, depriving others of using the space.

Vinod Shirodkar, president of the New Market Vendors Association, told reporters that this problem has persisted for several months and that the civic body and other relevant authorities have not taken any initiative.

“These bicycles are parked for a long time around the municipal building in Margao, which has the effect of depriving the general public of parking. It has also had a negative impact on businesses, as the public avoids coming to town due to lack of space. parking lot,” he said.

He demanded that the traffic police or the RTO take action against the owners of the rental bike.

It may be recalled that the previous year the same issue had been raised at the council meeting by some of the councillors, following which the then chief officer, Agnelo Fernandes, had ordered an internal investigation. , but no concrete action had been observed. It was noticed that the owners of the rental bike are illegally using the parking space around the municipal building.

Councilor Mahesh Amonkar told reporters that he had already discussed the matter with Superintendent of Police (Traffic) Dharmesh Angle, in addition to RTO officers at the Margao office.

“The traffic police informed us that owners of rental bicycles are not allowed to park their bicycles around the municipal building. Angle has also assured to take action against the violators,” he informed.

SP Traffic Angle said rent a bike is not allowed to park their bikes in the space designated for public parking.

“This will be a final warning to rental bike owners or strict action will be taken. At the same time, I appealed to the Margao City Council to provide us with space to keep these bikes, on which action is being taken,” he urged.

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