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Valley News – Forum, July 5: Dartmouth housing plan

Published: 07/05/2022 15:55:51

Modified: 05/07/2022 15:53:12

Dartmouth’s housing plan has some issues

Dartmouth College has just unveiled the metropolis they plan to build on Lyme Road West (“Housing Plan Crosses Road”, June 24). They say they want to discuss more with the community, but they anticipate discussions in July, when few local residents or students will be available. Additionally, Dartmouth campus planning refused to release its traffic studies and environmental studies to the community until it had completed its proposal. This clearly prevents the community from engaging Dartmouth until Dartmouth files official plans with the city.

The proposed apartment-style units would house 400 students and lack a dining room. This would more than double the size of the neighborhood, disrupting all aspects of community life. This project would radically change the character of the district, in violation of the ordinances of the Hannover Planning Board. The 400 isolated students in the suburban class would need parking spaces on Lyme Road just to get to campus or buy food, as relying on shuttle buses is not appealing to students. The Coop Corner Store across the street (although lovely) is not designed as a full supermarket and could not realistically meet the needs of such a large number of students.

If there were less than 400 cars in a 400-car parking lot, Dartmouth would need a fleet of shuttles throughout the day to get students to classes, meals, meetings and events. The pretty artist’s rendering in the Valley News does not represent this paved reality, or its drainage implications. It doesn’t show hundreds of cars and dozens of buses, but rather an open green field. I am confident that this proposed large-scale project will increase traffic for Hannover residents trying to get downtown for work, as well as Ray School, Richmond Middle School and Daycare from Dartmouth College.

There are several on-campus options that Dartmouth rejected as inconvenient or a bit more expensive for them. Instead of being responsible for their past mistakes in providing adequate undergraduate accommodation, Dartmouth plays NIMBY and sends problems of its own making on the road to plague its neighbors.

Aaron Osofsky


Some words
about fatherhood

Men can fornicate and propagate, but are they ready to be fathers to the babies they create?

Elaine Smith


Is it better to go to war now?

Free people in democracies don’t want wars and try to avoid them. Is it more expensive in the long run?

When did World War II start?

In 1931, Japan invaded China, the League of Nations opposed it, and the world imposed sanctions, but took no military action.

In 1935, Italy invaded Ethiopia. Again, no military action.

In 1936, Germany occupied the Rhineland, an action listed as a cause of war in a treaty. No one took military action.

In 1939, Germany invaded Poland and World War II began in Europe, but the United States only provided aid.

In 1941, the United States was attacked by Japan. We ended up fighting Japan, Italy and Germany at the same time.

Could a more serious war have been avoided by taking military measures as soon as one country invaded another?

In 2005, Russia invaded and took over part of Georgia. In 2014, Russia invaded and annexed Crimea. This year, Russia invaded Ukraine. NATO provides assistance. Russian troops help separatists in Moldova.

The Russian dictator recently said they were in a period of expansion and declared the former tsarist empire theirs. The Chechen leader said Poland was next.

When will it be time for NATO to act militarily with UN approval? It is difficult not to have a war when a country or countries insist on aggression.

What are our choices now?

1. With NATO, continue to help Ukraine and hope that Putin dies and a peaceful regime takes over. Perhaps an even more aggressive leader will emerge.

2. Keep going until Russia swallows up part or all of Ukraine and the fighting stops. Emboldened, after a while Russia will attack elsewhere. During the Cold War, a diplomat talked about Russian tactics. “They are experts at the ‘salami game.’ They just take a little slice, and it’s not worth fighting for. Then another slice, and it’s not worth fighting for. Sooner or later, you’re just left with the string.

3. With NATO now go to war against Russia. Expel them from all seized lands and their separatists from other countries

“It’s time to take the bull by the tail,” said WC Fields, “and face the situation.”

Howard Shaffer


John Smith

The author John Smith