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USAA Real Estate builds one of the first industrial warehouses built with sustainable materials designed to reduce carbon impact

New 161,000 square foot structure built with an innovative wood product that produces 45% less CO2 than conventional concrete

SAN ANTONIO, April 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — USAA Real Estate and its development partner, Seefried Industrial Properties, announced that they are nearing completion of an industrial warehouse development in Dallas Fort Worth which will be among the first to use sustainable building materials that will reduce the carbon impact of its construction by more than 45%, equivalent to the emissions of a single car over more than two million kilometers of travel.

The Southfield Park 35 warehouse, located just south of I-20 near Danieldale and Old Hickory Road to the south Dallas County, was constructed with cross-laminated timber (CLT), a precision-engineered wood product that replaces the sloped concrete wall panels of a typical industrial warehouse. Conventional construction methods rely on the use of concrete, which produces 8% of global carbon emissions per year. By relying on this wood product rather than steel and concrete, the carbon-intensive construction process is cut nearly in half. Each CLT panel is built to 132n/a an inch in spec.

The warehouse’s 60ft CLT panels come from a vast forest of British Columbia, Canada which is tightly regulated by federal authorities, which only allow 1% of available timber to be grown and require two trees to be planted for each one that is harvested. “In line with our ambition to be more imaginative in limiting the environmental impact of our development projects, we are leveraging sustainably harvested renewable resources,” said Lange Allen, CEO of USAA Real Estate. “In addition to CLT’s significantly reduced carbon footprint, tenants will recognize the material as being aesthetically superior to the standard steel and concrete design of ’tilting’ walls, as well as the associated energy efficiency operational benefits that the CLT offers.”

“This property has the potential to set a new precedent for building sustainable warehouses,” Josh Hullum, added the director of construction management of USAA Real Estate. “With the tremendous market demand for warehouse products, tenants have an intense and growing appetite for building solutions that have these environmental attributes.”

CLT materials, which remain exposed inside the warehouse, are complemented by MEGASLAB concrete systems, a proprietary admixture for the building slab and site paving that relies on cement reduction but retains durability and remarkable resistance. The warehouse is located on 8.57 acres within the 157-acre Southfield Park 35 development.

“Being part of a ground-breaking project focused strictly on the use of sustainably harvested wood and eco-friendly materials is monumental in our market with promising room for growth in the future,” said Jonathan Stites, senior vice president at Seefried Properties. “We are proud to lead the construction of a project using the CLT and MEGASLAB systems, which guarantees structural integrity, well-being at work and the reduction of greenhouse gases.”

Chris Teesdale and Tom Pearson with Colliers International will commercialize the project.

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