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Upcoming Upgrades to District 7 Facilities This Summer

On Monday, the Edwardsville School District 7 school board voted to approve a few different improvement projects at facilities in the district this summer.

A $281,736 bid from JF Electric Inc. to replace and upgrade fire alarms in the district was approved at the meeting.

The offer includes the replacement of all fire alarm systems at Nelson Elementary School and the Edwardsville High School football stadium and sports complex media room, as well as the replacement of fire alarm panels. fire alarm control at Glen Carbon, Hamel, Leclaire, Midway, Woodland and Worden Elementary Schools as well as Liberty Middle School.

The project is scheduled to begin June 1 with final completion scheduled for August 5. The project budget was approximately $375,000 and will be funded from a surplus operating and maintenance fund.

The council also approved a bid from Roosters Asphalt of $310,000 for the Columbus Elementary School parking lot project. The project includes the construction of a new parking lot in front of the current school building as well as the waterproofing of the three existing parking lots at the entrance to the sports complex of the Edwardsville secondary school, the playing field of the elementary Woodland and part of the Cassens primary school.

The project will begin on May 31 and final completion is scheduled for August 5. The budget estimate for the project was $343,000. The project will be funded by the proceeds from the sale of the parsonage by the district and by surplus operating and maintenance funds.

The board also approved ten-and-a-half-month contracts for several elementary building managers for the 2020/2023 school year. Superintendent Patrick Shelton said this is the first step in several contracts that will be voted on as the district works to have all administrators on annual contracts.

The board also approved resignations and retirements as well as employment, including the appointment of David N. Courtney, Jr. as District 7 Treasurer effective July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023.

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