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Ticketless parking inaugurated in Dasman; ‘move’ to cut the race – ARAB TIMES

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Security, safety, good services highlighted

KUWAIT CITY, Oct. 18: As part of the continued cooperation to strengthen the bilateral partnership between the two parties, the Public Facilities Management Company has launched the first ticketless parking lot, in cooperation with the Kuwait Municipality, Al daily reports. -Jarida. This second cooperation is part of the extension of the direct contract announced by the “public services” previously with the municipality of Kuwait, on the basis of the recommendations of the Council of Ministers, concerning the delivery and operation of the Dasman parking project, which is one of the largest car parks in Kuwait, and it is one of the smart car parks. The CEO of Public Utilities, Eng. Saleh Al-Othman, said that the company received its first ticketless car park, which is the first of its kind in Kuwait, noting that the city council car parks will facilitate the movement of customers in and out without it being necessary to issue tickets. , in addition to this, it will work to ensure the protection and safety of cars. Al-Othman pointed out that the parking lot is equipped with security devices and surveillance cameras for monitoring and tracking that use the car plate identification method and provide more security, as a step towards construction. a very effective security system at different levels. .

He underscored the “utilities” commitment to putting service and customer satisfaction at the top of its priorities, adding, “We have achieved continued success since our launch, and we still continue to provide the best services.” Al-Othman pointed out that this building will help reduce congestion and avoid traffic problems encountered by the congested area of ​​high-rise commercial towers, highlighting the advantages that characterize the parking lot of others in terms of the pace of entry with the modern speed. and exit systems, as well as the distinguished location of the parking lot, which is located in the heart of the commercial capital, in addition to the large area that allows a large number of parking spaces for different cars, in addition to the design and the diversity that characterizes it.

Al-Othman said that the “utilities” are carrying out a comprehensive development process, and this development is part of an integrated system, a clear philosophy and a specific vision based on the company’s strengths. In turn, the Deputy Director General for Projects Sector Affairs of Kuwait Municipality, Eng. Nadia Al-Sharida expressed her thanks for the concerted efforts and tangible cooperation of all state agencies to serve the citizens, especially the “public services”.

She pointed out that this will help solve traffic jams and avoid the phenomenon of congestion on the roads, especially during rush hours. It should be noted that the first direct cooperation between the “Utilities” and the Kuwait Municipality was outside the framework of the Ministry of Finance, and came in accordance with the directives of the Council of Ministers regarding the delivery and operation of the project of Dasman car park, which is one of the largest car parks in Kuwait. It is one of the smart car parks and can accommodate 2,300 cars, sits on an area of ​​13,000 m2 and consists of 6 floors and a basement.

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