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Tallahassee’s 2022 capital budget allocates $ 273.2 million for projects – Tallahassee Reports

The City of Tallahassee’s five-year capital improvement plan for fiscal 22-fiscal 26 is approximately $ 1 billion over five years, of which $ 273.2 million is for fiscal 22. The capital budget of the City allocates funds to general government projects and corporate fund projects.

Below is the allocation of $ 273.2 million in FY22.

General government

The general government investment budget for fiscal year 22 is approximately $ 123.6 million and includes the following expenses:

the Public infrastructure and traffic It is recommended that projects be funded to the tune of $ 21.4 million in FY22 and continue the City’s capital investment in the maintenance of roads, sidewalks and traffic systems. Some of the projects funded in this category include:

-Main road resurfacing project, $ 5 million
-FAMU Way Phase IV, $ 4 million
-Maclay Commerce Drive / Maclay Boulevard, $ 3.5 million (including roundabouts, landscaping and improved pedestrian features)
– Sidewalks, $ 2 million new plus $ 1 million in maintenance
-Circulation systems and signals, $ 2.5 million

the Police department It is recommended that the capital program be funded to the tune of $ 33.5 million in fiscal year 22. Some of the projects funded in the capital plan include the new Northwood Mall Police Station, 311 $ 000 for body worn cameras, $ 277,800 for the Joint Real Time Crime Center, as well as other equipment funding. Additional funding for police technology needs is included in the Technology and Innovation section of the ICP.

The proposed capital budget for fiscal year 22 includes $ 27.8 million in funding for Technology and innovation projects. Funded projects include the $ 10.5 million funded Utilities Technology Project which will replace the City’s current Customer Information System, a system integrated with accounts receivable management, billing, financial monitoring and analysis, and providing data analysis requirements for a representative sample of City departments and users. Technology and Innovation also includes $ 9.7 million for citywide radio replacement, $ 4 million for business systems upgrades for the city’s PeopleSoft financial and accounting systems, and $ 1 million. dollars specifically for the technological needs of the police.

Funding for Parks and recreation capital projects in fiscal year 22 is recommended at $ 18.9 million. This includes $ 15.9 million for the new senior center, $ 1.0 million for Northwest Park for the initial planning and design, and $ 750,000 for the refurbishment of the Forest Meadows facility.

StarMetro The investment plan for fiscal 22 includes $ 8.1 million for the city’s share of a Federal Transit Authority grant to purchase six electric buses, as well as $ 4.2 million for the South City Transit Center.

Enterprise Fund projects

Corporate investment projects are generally funded by capital reserves and the issuance of income bonds. The company’s total investment for FY 22 is $ 149.6 million, as shown below.

the Aviation Capital Development Plan FY22 is approximately $ 36.8 million and includes funding for the following projects:

QTA Car Rental Service Center – This project will provide the construction, construction administration and resident project representative services required to develop a quick rental car rental facility. Construction on the project is expected to begin in the first quarter of 2022 and end in 2023.

Rehabilitation of the Bravo taxiway – This project includes design, engineering, permitting, construction, construction administration, and resident project representative services for the purpose of roadway rehabilitation and lane lighting. Bravo and Charlie traffic. The project is currently in the planning phase and design is expected to begin in 2022.

International passenger handling facility – This project consists of providing design, engineering, permitting, construction, construction administration and resident project representative services for the development of a terminal extension that incorporates a processing facility international passenger approved by US Customs and Border Protection (FIS). ). Construction on the project is expected to begin in the first quarter of 2022 and end in 2024. The project is dependent on the availability of funding.

The FY22 Electricity and gas fixed assets improvement plan totals $ 45.6 million. These funds are allocated to electricity supply, service extension facilities, demand management / conservation activities, power generation and gas utility.

the Underground utilities FY22 The capital improvement plan totals $ 48.4 million, including $ 23.4 million for sewerage, $ 14.4 million for water and $ 10.5 million for stormwater.

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