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Smart parking system will be developed for Northallerton | News

A smart parking option that would allow drivers to pay through a phone app and for exactly the time period they parked is being developed for Northallerton High Street.

A similar system has been running successfully for several years in Harrogate, where drivers say it’s easier, saves time and encourages them to stay longer as they don’t have to worry about time out. a paid ticket.

Our executive members for business and environmental services endorsed the continued development of the Northallerton program when they met today (Friday, December 17) to consider a parking overhaul on part of the High Street.

With smart parking, drivers would use an app on their phones to locate an unoccupied spot and pay, without needing to use cash or a bank card. The parking session would automatically end when the driver leaves the space, meaning they are paying for the time they use.

The development of the Northallerton project will involve collaboration with businesses and other stakeholders.

As a first step, we plan to install sensors in the parking areas next spring. An added benefit of the sensors is that they will provide data that can identify changes in parking demand and longer-term trends, which can inform future decisions.

County Councilor Don Mackenzie, Executive Member of Access, said: “Our experience in Harrogate has demonstrated the many benefits that a smart parking option can offer. These include, above all, an improved overall customer experience. We have also seen benefits for the local economy and the environment and financial benefits for users and the local authority.

“Building on this experience, the county council is developing its own infrastructure and business model to provide smart parking services. The introduction of the system to Northallerton will provide residents and visitors with greater choice and flexibility when paying for parking, allowing them and the downtown businesses they support to benefit from a parking operation. more efficient parking.

“In the longer term, we intend to introduce smart parking across the county where we operate paid and posted on-street parking and, potentially, in other limited waiting areas, such as parking areas. very busy disc parking. ”

Councilors made the decision to go ahead with the smart parking program after considering a review of on-street parking on High Street, Northallerton. Following a 2020 petition from the Northallerton Business Improvement District (BID) calling for the existing free parking period to be extended from 30 minutes to two hours, councilors previously decided that the payment and display system existing on the High Street remained appropriate. However, they agreed to explore the possibility of increasing the free parking time allowance on the section of High Street north of Friarage Street.

Analysis of parking and law enforcement data concluded that there was insufficient evidence to suggest that parking or traffic management would benefit from an increase in the parking allowance. free north of rue Friarage. The review also noted the large and varied parking available at Northallerton, the range and scale of which was considered very good for a market town of its size.

Members of the executive agreed that the current operation of paid and posted parking on the High Street remains unchanged as it is in line with the established parking policy of encouraging off-street parking as the first choice. One hour free parking is already available at the nearby Applegarth off-street car park and providing the same allotted time on High Street would be contrary to the parking strategy.

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