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Slow Speed ​​Chase Leads To Escape, Drug Charges | News, Sports, Jobs

A slow-speed chase through town has a local man facing charges of fleeing from police and DUI.

Leonzor Dell Jones, 44, of Altoona, was arraigned Wednesday before Magistrate District Judge Daniel C. DeAntonio on a felony charge of fleeing or attempting to evade an officer; DUI controlled substance misdemeanor charges, drug possession and possession of drug paraphernalia; and summary charges of driving with a suspended license and failing to use turn signals. He was released on an unsecured bond of $15,000 and is due back for a preliminary hearing on September 21.

According to court documents, an Altoona police officer spotted a white VW sedan randomly parked in two parking spots, at an angle, at Chestnut Avenue Sheetz. After Jones entered the car, he backed up very slowly and carefully pulled the vehicle straight into a parking space, police said. A female passenger then entered the vehicle and Jones backed up at an unusually slow speed, according to court documents.

Police followed Jones as he turned onto Lexington Avenue, without using a turn signal, crossed the Eighth Street Bridge and turned west onto Seventh Avenue. Police attempted to park the vehicle near 10th Street and Seventh Avenue, but Jones continued, turning south then east on Sixth Avenue to Eighth Street to Fifth Avenue until to Third Street to Fourth Street to First Street, then east on Second Avenue, where it stopped on the 100 block of Second Avenue.

Jones’ speed never exceeded 20 mph during the chase, police said.

During a search for Jones, police found $246. A search for the woman returned $365. In plain sight in the vehicle, police found a locked box and a clear bag containing 11 ounces of marijuana. The car was towed to the APD parking lot and, using a search warrant, police found an electronic scale and two Schedule 3 pills.

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