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Senator Louth calls for parking fees at stations to be reduced

High parking costs for rail commuters are set to be reduced in line with new public transport fare cuts, says Louth Fine Gael Senator John McGahon, Fine Gael spokesman on climate, communications, energy and natural resources, who spoke about the cost of living crisis faced by commuters in the Seanad last month.

Senator McGahon said:

“Lower parking costs for rail commuters would encourage even more people to take the train, which would be beneficial both from a climate and cost of living perspective.

“The 20% drop in public transport prices has eased the financial pressure on households, especially young people.

“Encouraging the use of public transport also helps us meet our emissions targets as we fight climate change.

“Some people, however, have to drive to stations, especially if they live far from the railway line.

“The high parking costs for these rail users should now be reduced in line with the new reduction in public transport fares.

“A suspension or lowering of parking fees at Irish train stations would encourage more people to take the train and help alleviate the cost-of-living stress people are experiencing.

“As a result of the pandemic, we are all returning to the workplace and we need to make public transport even more attractive, especially for those who do not live in cities,” concluded Senator McGahon.



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