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Saugus Middle High School, built in Suffolk and designed by HMFH, has been awarded LEED Platinum certification

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BOSTON– Saugus Middle High School, built in Suffolk and designed by HMFH Architects, has received LEED Platinum certification from the US Green Building Council, making it the first publicly funded project by the Massachusetts School Building Authority to achieve the most high level of LEED. certification.

Together with PMA Consultants, HMFH and Suffolk have both led a collaborative and holistic approach to achieving Saugus’ ambitious sustainability goals. The team delivered a facility that serves its environment and occupants while fulfilling the city’s vision of an innovative, climate-resilient and healthy building.

“I am pleased to share with the community that the Town of Saugus is once again making its mark in history by being the first MSBA project to achieve LEED Platinum certification. Special thanks to the project team who helped us achieve this incredible rating – PMA Consultants, HMFH Architects and Suffolk,” said Scott Crabtree, Town Manager of Saugus.

Key elements of building sustainability include the following:

Energetic efficiency : Saugus Middle High School uses a combined heat and power system known as tri-generation. On-site power generation significantly reduces operational carbon emissions and eliminates emissions associated with generation from regional sources, while using waste heat for space heating, domestic hot water heating and utility cooling. local. Continuously running generators improve resilience by ensuring that emergency systems will be operational when most needed.

Water conservation: Three 30,000-gallon underground cisterns collect water for reuse while rain gardens located in the school’s parking lots filter site runoff and mitigate heat island effects. Combined with the use of low-flow plumbing fixtures, these measures reduce the building’s annual water consumption by 45%.

Air quality and ventilation: Located Less than 300 feet from a busy six-lane highway, the new facility meets the challenge of providing optimum air quality with rooftop mechanical air handlers positioned with their air intakes facing away from the highway and prevailing winds. This allows displacement ventilation systems to distribute clean air throughout the interior, bringing 20% ​​more fresh air into low-velocity spaces without the costs and typical acoustic distractions associated with conventional mechanical systems.

Equity: The new school represents a transformation of Saugus Public Schools to reflect the city’s vision for innovative and equitable facilities. Creating a welcoming, accessible and inclusive environment for all was essential to the success of the design. All-gender washrooms are conveniently located and used by faculty and students. Specialty teaching spaces feature dimmable LED fixtures, giving teachers the ability to adjust light intensity and color temperature to help modulate behavior and respond to light sensitivity. A special classroom on the third floor provides designated space for medically fragile community members with exceptional views and access to a rooftop classroom.

Saugus Middle High School represents a visible commitment to ensuring that the next generation of students will be stewards of their community and environment. In addition to its LEED Platinum certification, Saugus Middle High School has been recognized by many respected award programs for its success and innovation in design and construction:

Engineering News Pack Best New England Regional Projects 2021 – Best K-12 Education Project

Learning by design Educational Institutions 2021 – Grand Prize

American school and university 2021 Architectural Portfolio Award – Outstanding Project.

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