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Readers claim The Case is Altered pub was ‘forced’ to close

Harrow Council have been accused of ‘dragging their feet’ to find an ‘appropriate solution’ to deal with anti-social behavior in a car park which led to the closure of a pub.

The Case is Altered, located in Old Redding next to Harrow Viewpoint, officially announced its permanent closure yesterday (March 14) after years of intermittent closure of the car park near the pub since 2019.

The pub owner had been working with Harrow Council for some years to find some form of solution to deal with reports of suggested anti-social behavior received in the car park.

In addition to the inability of potential customers to park in the viewpoint car park, the parking situation worsened last year when double yellow lines were installed on both sides of Old Redding Road in October.

Prior to the pub’s announcement, numerous petitions collected thousands of signatures from people outraged by the parking disruptions in the car park, with many fearing the pub would have to close if the council did not remedy the problem.

Parking restrictions basically forced the pub to close. Credit: Adam Shaw / LDR

Now we’ve asked readers what they think of the pub closing, despite the pub owner previously warning in November that it would have to close ‘within months’ if council did not find a solution.

Frances Mingard said: ‘I think it’s a shame that Harrow Council has practically closed this car park. It has been used by walkers and tourists for many years.

Another reader, Roderick Cutler, said, “This shouldn’t have happened. But due to the council dragging its feet and failing to find a proper solution to this alleged problem there, it forced a pub to fail.

“That falls squarely on the board’s doorstep.”

Pat Moloney said The Case is Altered is a “favorite pub” where his mother worked years ago.

She said: ‘I drank there when I lived locally. Used the car park extensively and recently unable to use it, there seems to be little pace or reason for the extended closure and loss of amenity to the common woods.

Jane Arens asked, “Can’t they check the parking lot a little better, maybe cameras?”

The point of view.  Credit: Adam Shaw / LDR

The point of view. Credit: Adam Shaw / LDR

Meanwhile, Peter Caseley said he was “outraged” that “another part of our pub heritage is being wiped out”.

Cllr Graham Henson, leader of Harrow Council, said: ‘It would have been a dereliction of council duty to ignore the problems in the Old Redding car park. It had become a hotspot for crime, muggings, vandalism, drug use and public sex. Such incidents occurred regularly, with people often gathering from late afternoon to early morning hours.

He added that people were “understandably distressed” but that the advice aimed to make the area “a safe place for families to go”.

He claims the council have offered ‘a number of solutions’, including shared management of security which would be costly for the pub owner, and that the council ‘cannot justify’ footing the bill to maintain security late at night.

See other responses to the pub closing below:

What do you think of The Case is Altered closing?

“The Harrow Viewpoint pub went through a whirlwind after the various restrictions imposed on Old Redding car park. Residents of the Harrow community as well as neighboring towns including Watford have expressed their displeasure with the parking restrictions – fearing the pub might close and stating that it has impacted them walking around the view.Let us know what you think of the pub closing.

We asked for your answers – this is what you sent.

Lorraine mills

What do you think of The Case is Altered closing?
Absolutely gutted, this charming pub is closing its doors. It was a beautiful pub in a perfect setting. So unfair the pub had to suffer due to council restrictions. They received no support. Shameful!

Gregory Brooke Smith

What do you think of The Case is Altered closing?
Harrow Council is once again denying its citizens a livelihood and a life. This road is Neolithic (30,000 years old) and for faceless accountants to destroy it with their greed is barbaric. None of them should ever be allowed to earn a living or enjoy their free time.

Helen Alexander

What do you think of The Case is Altered closing?
Sadly, a local favorite for so long, Harrow has done it again – however, it’s listed! So hopefully won’t become an apartment building!

Lee Parkes

What do you think of The Case is Altered closing?
Harrow is losing the history of the area. The pub has been around and serving people for centuries. As part of the town (housing the workers of The Kiln, part of the Cross and Blackwell family), it was nicknamed the cathedral, because you can’t have a town without a cathedral. The history is too extensive to mention here and a plaque or explanation should be displayed. Why is this historic building and its social history not valued. Isn’t the viewpoint parking a common lot? Therefore, Harrow’s counsel has no right to restrict its use. It was part of the Blackwell estate. I am deeply upset. The case is closed.

Community Contributor

What do you think of The Case is Altered closing?
Haven’t been to this pub for several years but used to go when we had dogs being able to park nearby was essential and that’s such a shame as it was ideal for family outings with such lovely views. So sad that council felt their only option to deal with anti social behavior was to close the car park at 4pm, surely 10.30pm would have been enough and given pub patrons a better chance. Another company failed through no fault of their own 🙁


What do you think of The Case is Altered closing?
Give it 2 months there will be 100 flats built there which no normal person could afford as they have panoramic views of North West London.

John Stadon

What do you think of The Case is Altered closing?
Very sad. Harrow Council should hang their heads in shame. They are totally to blame

Community Contributor

What do you think of The Case is Altered closing?
I think it’s a terrible decision. It was a popular pub used by families, dog walkers etc. Harrow council treated this pub so badly and forced them out. Shame on them!!! Now we expect to see a huge development of apartments. Greed over a community asset, that’s what it is.

Community Contributor

What do you think of The Case is Altered closing?
Very sad and disappointed would like to appeal the decision to sell the land. It feels like the landowners have deliberately made it difficult to run the pub.

Anne Nash

What do you think of The Case is Altered closing?
Shame why close, such a great pub in a beautiful location, used by so many for a long time. . . ??

John Smith

The author John Smith