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Rameswaram, Madurai Railway Stations to be redeveloped; Husband, wife to supervise work

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday gave a green signal for the redevelopment of five railway stations in Tamil Nadu, including one in Rameswaram and one in Madurai. One thing to note about the redevelopment of the two stations is that the railway officials, who will be in charge of it, are husband and wife.

DEE S. Rati is carrying out the redevelopment of Rameswaram Railway Station while DEE R. Nandagopal of Madurai is responsible for the redevelopment of Madurai Railway Station. Coincidentally, Nandagopal and Rati are a couple. Both are engineers in the Madurai Railway Division. They plan to do the works on schedule without any delays so that passengers can enjoy more facilities and the capacity of the station can be increased.

At present, 96 trains pass through Madurai Railway Station and Rs 440 crores will be spent on its redevelopment. About 45,000 passengers arrive here every day. The redevelopment works will enable Madurai Railway Station to provide facilities for 1 lakh of passengers every day, more than double the current number. At least 24 trains run daily from Rameswaram station. At present, 20,000 passengers arrive there every day. The objective of the redevelopment of Rameswaram station is to provide it with sufficient equipment to be able to accommodate 45,000 passengers daily.

More than Rs 200 crore will be spent on the redevelopment of this station. The station will be equipped with parking spaces, escalators, elevators, stairs and walkways. Madurai Railway Station will also be redesigned to separate passenger and parcel movement and streamline vehicle traffic.

A metro directly connecting Periyar Bus Stand to Madurai Railway Station will also be constructed to make it easier and safer for passengers arriving at the station to enjoy public transport. On the other hand, Rameswaram station also receives a multifunctional complex.

These two stations are connected to the city of religious importance. After the redevelopment here, there will be commercial spaces, waiting rooms, more platforms and better transport routes. Rameswaram station will be redeveloped in the next 1.5 years and work on Madurai station will be completed in the next three years.

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