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Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurates circuit house near Somnath Temple

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday inaugurated the newly built Circuit House near Somnath Temple in Gir Somnath district of Gujarat. During the virtual inauguration, Modi said the new circuit house will solve the lack of accommodation facilities for pilgrims visiting Somnath Temple in the city of Prabhas Patan.

“The need for a circuit house arose because there was only one guest house which is also far from the temple. So to accommodate people, the temple trust was always under pressure “, did he declare.

Circuit House in Somnath (Twitter/@narendramodi)

Modi added: “But after this home circuit, which is not far from the temple, the confidence will not be pressured and they will devote more time and attention to the temple. People from their rooms during their stay in this circuit house will also witness the waves of the sea and the temple. With additional facilities at Diu, Dwarka, Bet Dwarka, Somnath will be a focal point for the tourist circuit.

The four-storey 48-room building of the New Circuit House built on an area of ​​15,000 square meters with parking lot is intended to provide accommodation facilities for pilgrims coming from all over the country.

Prime Minister Modi, who is also chairman of the Shree Somnath Temple Trust, said he felt lucky that after being associated with the trust, he witnessed so many developments including the exhibition gallery and the recently inaugurated promenade at the temple.

Listing the facilities of Somnath Temple, Modi said that a pilgrimage site and a complex proposal for Somnath Temple are in their final stages, while similar facilities are also proposed for Ambaji Temple in Banaskantha district.

“From different states and corners of the world, every year, one million pilgrims come to the Somnath temple. When they return, they take with them new experiences, beliefs and thoughts. So the way the journey is important, just as important is experience. Today there are good roads, transport and accommodation facilities for pilgrims here, a tourist facilitation center, waste management for cleanliness. A pilgrimage square and a complex proposal for Somnath Temple are in their final stages, similar types of facilities are also proposed for Ambaji Temple,” Modi added.

“Also, a special train from Delhi to Kashi will depart tomorrow (Saturday),” the prime minister said.

Regarding the vaccination campaign in the country, the Prime Minister said: “In the government’s vaccination campaign, it has also been ensured that in the tourist states, all are vaccinated as a priority. States like Goa and Uttarakhand have been working in this direction at a very good speed.

“The Statue of Unity, which is a pride of the country, was visited by more than 45 lakh people before the pandemic and so far more than 74 lakh tourists have visited it,” Modi added.


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