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East of Liverpool

– Officers on routine patrol Aug. 19 observed a woman at 213 Ravine St., whom they identified as Chelsea Madison, who has an outstanding warrant through the Columbiana County Sheriff’s Office. Officers contacted Madison to confirm the warrant and take her into custody without incident. Madison was taken back to the police department to await the arrival of a deputy.

— Officers were dispatched to the St. George Street area for a subject who was driving while waving a gun out of the window on August 20. The Complainant indicated that the subject drove a dark colored Dodge Dart. Officers searched the area with a negative contact.

– Officers were dispatched to the area of ​​the Rite Aid store on Walnut Street for subjects walking through the area checking car doors and looking inside windows on August 20. Officers found the subjects who matched the description walking on Ravine Street to which they admitted to being in the area in question but denied looking out of the car windows. Officers checked the subjects for warrants and released them once they returned clean.

– Officers responded to a call on Walnut Street on Aug. 20 for a man acting erratically and trying to throw liquids at passing cars. While checking the area, this officer found a male subject in the parking lot of Tice’s department standing next to a truck that officers suspected he was breaking into. A second officer saw the man drop a rock from his hand, reach inside the truck, grab a gallon of juice and run through the parking lot toward East Sixth. Officers used the Taser but failed to make good contact, but the man gave up after a brief struggle before being handcuffed. The unidentified male subject was not cooperating with the officer by refusing to provide his name, date of birth, or social security number. When officers brought the male subject to the station, he attempted to headbutt and kick him. The male subject yelled and yelled at officers throughout the arrest and detention process, sometimes repeatedly threatening to kick officers in the face and even threatening to kill officers once released from jail. Officers made several attempts to gather personal information about the man. Once officers identified the 17-year-old, he was taken to hospital for treatment before being taken to the Tobin Center until his court appearance. The minor was charged with aggravated threat, obstruction of official business, resisting arrest and criminal mischief.

– While on routine patrol on August 20, an officer at the intersection of Broadway and East Fifth observed a truck drive through the intersection of East Fifth and Walnut. The truck climbed the hill, veered right and struck a parked car. The driver then backed up and continued up the hill. The driver was stopped on Pennsylvania Avenue and got out of the vehicle. The officer noted an odor of alcohol coming from the driver. Officers conducted a field sobriety test and then searched the vehicle where they found several open containers. The truck the man was driving was towed. The driver participated in a field sobriety test but refused a breathalyzer test. He was charged with OVI, driving without a license and non-control.

– Officers responded Aug. 21 at 8:35 p.m. at 1541 Globe Street for a 10-year-old minor who got away. Upon arrival officers made contact with the mother who said her daughter would not be coming inside for the night and started riding her bike and said she was going to her father’s house located on Avondale Street. When the officers arrived, the minor was already back home.

– A man called to report that after he closed a Gilkinsons Short Stop and he got into his car, a small white van pulled up behind him and a man got out and put a hoodie over his face and started walking towards his vehicle. He said he backed up his car and drove away quickly and the truck did not follow him.

– Officers responded Aug. 21 to a report that a man stole construction equipment on Elizabeth Street. The subject had already left the scene when the officer arrived. During the officer’s investigation, he found a generator and wheel barrel, with equipment inside, sitting behind the building. The wheel barrel contained two saws, a leaf blower, an extension cord and two holsters with portable power tools. After the officer discovered the equipment, a second officer saw a pickup truck leaving the area at high speed.

– Officers responded Aug. 21 to a woman’s request for officers to come to her Lincoln Avenue apartment for her son who may have taken an unknown substance. Firefighters and EMS responded and assessed the man who was alert and oriented. He chose to refuse treatment and/or transport. A warrant was discovered by the Columbiana County Sheriff’s Office. The man was taken into custody without incident and released at the sheriff’s office.

– Dispatchers received a call from a resident of 525 Pailissey Street on August 22, reporting that someone had entered her home. The resident told an officer that she had received a notification from her cameras that someone was outside her home the previous night at around 3:30 a.m. On the video, it was observed that it was a man wearing a black hoodie with the cap on his head. The resident also noted that upon arriving home, she found that the camera was unplugged and there was someone in her basement. The officer told the resident that the night shift would be advised to do additional checks of the area.

– Officers were dispatched to the 431 Orchard Grove area on Aug. 22 for a suspicious male. Officers spoke to a caller who said a man was walking past his home and began calling the names of his sons’ friends using racial slurs. When the Complainant left his home, the subject began threatening him. The subject then stated that he didn’t care if he called the cops because he was going to jail the next day. A description of the man was given to officers and the area was searched. Officers had negative contact with this subject.

– An officer on routine patrol on August 22 observed Amber Cox sitting on a set of steps on East 4th Street near College Street. The officer in the know knew that Cox had an active warrant through the Columbiana County Sheriff’s Office. The warrant status was confirmed by dispatch and Cox was arrested without incident and returned to our police department. The sheriff’s office transported her to the county jail.

– Officers responded to a call on St. Clair Avenue near Gilkinsons on Aug. 22 about two women who appeared under the influence lying on the sidewalk. Officers arrived at the scene, made contact with the two teenage girls, and observed numerous bottles of alcohol on the sidewalk. Officers observed that the two minors had slurred speech, an odor of booze coming from their person and glassy red eyes. The two minors gave their home addresses and were taken home in the custody of a sober adult. Photographs were taken of the alcohol which was later destroyed. This incident will be forwarded to the youth attorney for review.

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