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PMC plans to appoint single contractor for payment and parking facilities across city


For the first time, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) decided to appoint a single contractor to manage 30 payment and park facilities erected by the civic body across the city.

Although some entrepreneurs opposed the appointment of a single contractor, the court ruled in favor of PMC to appoint a single contractor for the whole city.

There are a lot of complaints about wages and parking in the city. Many times, contractors charge more for citizens despite the fact that the civic body sets the rates for each category of vehicle. Even some parking lots are badly used. Many entrepreneurs did not pay their dues on time to the civic organization.

Many times there are fights between citizens and contractors over the parking of vehicles in the parking spaces.

In view of these challenges, the civic organization initially decided to launch a single call for tenders and appoint a single pan-city entrepreneur.

PMC’s additional municipal engineer, Srinivas Bonala, said: “We have launched the tender for 30 payment and parking facilities for the first time. We have made many changes in the tender. The contractor shall install CCTV cameras in all parking lots for the safety of citizens and vehicles, there should be uniform rates for parking, PMC is expected to obtain real time information for vehicles parked in the ‘installation.

Bonala said: “We even expected PMC or the contractor to develop the app for the parking lot. Once real-time entries began, citizens would be able to obtain information online as to whether parking is available at a particular parking site. This would help them plan their trip in advance.

Another PMC official said on condition of anonymity: “Some entrepreneurs are opposed to the launch of the single offer for the 30 main car parks. Even some of them approached the civil court but the court had ruled in favor of the PMC. ”

Another PMC officer said on condition of anonymity: “While this is a good proposal, it came between the Covid -19 pandemic. We are a little worried about whether professional contractors would give a response to this proposal immediately or not, but this proposal is good for the citizens and the PMC.


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