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Plans for four apartments in Woodston, Peterborough withdrawn

A planning application to convert a parking space into four one-bedroom apartments at Toll Bar House in Shrewsbury Avenue, Woodston has been withdrawn by the applicant.

The proposal was validated in June 2021 with Peterborough City Council.

In addition to the four apartments, the proposal also included plans for four parking spaces, a private amenity area, garbage and bicycle storage and two additional parking spaces for Toll Bar House.

The application was filed by a Mr. Fagan of East West Holdings Ltd.

According to plans, the development would have resulted in the loss of five existing parking spaces at Toll Bar House.

But as early as Monday (September 27), the planning officer confirmed that the applicant had withdrawn the proposal.

Previously, the highways department had raised objections to the plans and said, “The proposed development would not provide adequate facilities within the perimeter of the site for parking and turning of vehicles.

“In the opinion of the Local Highway Authority (LHA), there will be no resulting increase in site usage in terms of increased traffic generation. However, the development of the proposed indoor parking does not meet the parking standards in force as set out in the Local Plan.

“At the moment, the site consists of 10 apartments and there is space on site to park 20 vehicles. After the development there will be four additional apartments = 14 units. A total of 18 parking spaces, including visitor spaces, will be required as the provision of on-site visitor parking is part of the minimum parking standard set for residential use class C3.

“A number of parking spaces will be lost due to the proposed development. The proposed development provides for 15 parking spaces, which represents a shortage of three, which could lead to an overflow of vehicles parked on the public road.

“This is unacceptable. Hence the recommendation of the LHA.

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