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Parksville Council considering more parking spaces near City Hall

Parksville Council hopes to create more parking spaces near the Parksville Civic and Technology Center (PCTC).

Com. Mark Chandler said he brought the notice of motion because there was a shortage of spaces and he believed the location would work well for staff parking.

Chandler’s motion directs staff to begin the process of converting part of the land behind the building, next to Stanford Place, into an official parking lot. The motion also involves consideration of moving or replacing commemorative plaques and trees affected by the process.

“And therefore not having our building staff and people in that area having to move to other concentrated areas where other people are parking,” he said.

Com. Marilyn Wilson said she would prefer to have a staff assessment on the matter. She added that this could wait until the city’s transport plan is drawn up in 2023.

Com. Adam Fras said the parking issue is affecting nearby businesses and the council has received emails from people who work downtown and get parking tickets because they were forced to change where they parked. park.

A similar motion was defeated by the board in 2020.

“It’s a motion that needs to be reintroduced because we’re dealing with something that very few cities are dealing with,” Chandler said. “And that’s that city staff in most cities have parking right next to their facilities and we don’t.”

Several council members pointed out that the municipal staff is very busy and does not currently have time for additional projects.

Com. Doug O’Brien said he would rather see the shortage solved by introducing corner parking on Weld Street, Craig Street and Harrison Street, rather than removing green space.

Chandler’s motion passed with Wilson, O’Brien and Coun. Teresa Patterson opposed it.

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