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Parking Chaos Returns As Chandigarh Markets Reopen | Chandigarh News

CHANDIGARH: With relaxation on the fringes of Covid-19, chaos can be observed in the city’s paid parking lots, mainly in major shopping areas, which subsequently leads to poor parking management.
Since the lockdown was lifted in almost every part of Chandigarh, people have started visiting shopping areas from morning till night and can be seen struggling to get in and out of parking lots.
We observe that the employees of the paid parking lots are also less numerous and that they only issue paid parking tickets and that no one is there to manage the vehicles inside the parking lots, which means that the random parking is has become a routine matter in almost every paid commercial parking lot in the city. In addition, in some of the busiest paid parking lots such as sectors 8, 9, 17, 22, 26, 34, 35 and 43, entering and exiting the paid parking lot takes a very long time.
The old situation on paid parking is as before the pandemic period. Sources within the civic body’s authority revealed that since paid parking works have just started in the city after a long shutdown of shopping areas, the MC does not want to impose a penalty immediately on parked contractors. However, if things stay the same, they will certainly be asked to improve the situation and the civic body’s parking management will look into the matter, they added.
The lack of smart features also leads to chaos to some extent, as some parked contractors have yet to install smart features in the lots in accordance with their contract terms and conditions. Although the paid parking contractors claimed a few days ago that they had installed the majority of smart features in the paid parking lots, the municipality’s technical team made up of IT experts and engineers carried out reviews. physical inspections and found that although some smart features were in place. , many were still missing, after which contractors were invited to install them. Also in the past, the engineering department had notified parking contractors not to equip these lots with the required smart features.
The Chandigarh City Company had auctioned off two smart pay parking zones to eligible pay parking contractors for more than Rs 10 crore per year. Therefore, paid parking is one of the most crucial revenue resources for the authority of the civic body. Smart car parks include, among others, mobile barriers and electronic ticket machines.
Sources in the MC have said that the entrepreneurs’ plea seems genuine, but it is the General House that will take a final call in the matter.
Two zones, 89 car parks
There are two paid parking contractors and 89 parking lots are distributed between them. The parking lots in the southern and eastern sectors of the city including sectors 34, 26 and 20 have been maintained under parking zone-1 while zone-II has parking lots in the northern part of the city including sectors 17, 22 , 7, 8 and 9 Zone II is the heaviest zone and as many new paid parking lots were added in this zone during the call for tenders, the majority of the paid parking lots are located in the key commercial zone, in addition to some in tourist areas like Rose Garden and Shanti Kunj.

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