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Opening of the new car park at Scunthorpe hospital with 150 spaces

Almost 150 new spaces have been created in the new car park at Scunthorpe hospital.

The covered parking is open from today outside the nephrology.

It offers 91 seats for the public on the ground floor and 58 seats for staff on the upper floors.

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Four charging stations for electric vehicles will soon be added on the ground floor.

The creation means that the hospital will not lose any parking spaces in the complex during the construction of the new emergency department.

Parking is accessible via the one-way system at Cliff Gardens in Scunthorpe.

The new covered car park at Scunthorpe General Hospital

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Estates and Facilities Manager Jug Johal said: “The opening of this car park is a milestone in the work to build new bespoke facilities and improve existing facilities at Scunthorpe.

“Having this in place means that we will not lose any on-site parking arrangements due to the construction of our new emergency department.

“This is something that was really important to us, because we know how important it is for you to be able to park nearby if you are coming for treatment or to visit someone – especially if you have problems. mobility issues. “

He added, “We are not just there to treat you when you are sick. We also want to help provide a healthier environment for our staff and the surrounding community.

New electric charging stations will be installed

“In this context, we are in the process of installing four charging stations for electric vehicles on the ground floor, in addition to those we have already set up for our fleet of pool Trust cars.

“However, it went further, down to little details that may seem small but can make a real difference in the long run.

“For example, when considering which plant species to use in landscaping around the parking lot, we selected those that are recommended for increasing the population of pollinating insects.

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Construction of the new emergency department will begin soon.

A small number of parking spaces outside the current one will be closed as final preparations are made.

The hospital says it will be done in stages to minimize disruption.

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