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old town: 3 car parks for more than 25 mkts in the old town | News Ludhiana

Ludhiana: The markets in the old town, most of which are large, are in urgent need of parking spaces, the lack of which affects not only commuters but also traders. More than 25 markets are located next to each other, but the area has only three car parks: MC’s multi-storey car park at Mata Rani Chowk, another at Books Market maintained by zila parishad and a small car park at Pink Plaza market.
Residents complained of overcharging on two of these lots. Also, the multi-storey car park is in poor condition due to which residents avoid visiting the markets. Traders lamented that with traffic jams being the norm, their business was affected.
Tribhuvan Thapar, a resident of Naughara Mohalla, said, “We had proposed to MC officials to use the vacant space at Choti Daresi for vehicle parking as there are encroachments on this land and it is useless. for the moment. But our suggestion went unheeded. Shopkeepers, their employees and customers park their vehicles on the road and then there are the encroachments of shopkeepers, all of which lead to massive traffic jams. The only solution is to find a parking space and then impose a traffic ban on vehicles in the narrow markets. Electric rickshaws can take passengers to shops. »
Jasmeet Makkar, a trader at Ludhiana Electric Market, said, “Pink Plaza Market has a parking space. But there are many complaints of theft from the cars parked there. Due to the encroachments near the multi-storey car park, it is difficult to access it as it only has one entrance/exit. There is a parking mafia in the market and no authority is ready to solve this problem. Ultimately, merchants suffer losses because customers are not ready to enter this mess. There should be traffic and parking management in these markets.
Former Congressman Parminder Mehta said: “I complained about the poor condition of the multi-storey car parks and the mafia rule in these markets, but to no avail. There is no control over overload. Since people have no choice, they park their vehicles either on the road or on multi-storey lots. I will raise the issue again with Commissioner MC next week.

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