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North Lebanon supervisors approve plan for Starbucks, Jersey Mike’s and Verizon

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At Monday’s meeting, the North Lebanon Township Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a preliminary/final land development plan for 2203 W. Cumberland St.

The former Santander Bank location will be updated to accommodate three tenants: Jersey Mike’s, Starbucks and Verizon.

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The land use plan presented at Monday’s meeting.

In addition to on-site parking, the owner of the property, Matrice LLC, has negotiated an easement for 25 parking spaces in the Lebanon Valley Mall lot. One of these spaces will be used for a new crosswalk for pedestrian safety.

The property will be accessible only from mall roads, and an agreement has been made with the mall allowing for a right of way.

Much of the area surrounding the building will be used for a drive-thru, containing up to 16 cars, for Starbucks.

Supervisors expressed concerns about traffic inside the property, as well as concerns that the mall parking lot might be difficult to identify.

President Ed Brensinger and Vice President Gary Heisey hear the development plan.

The supervisors present unanimously agreed to approve the plan and two waivers, subject to receipt of the signed promoter agreement and escrow, financial guarantee of $311,595.15 and security agreements. access and parking signed.

They also unanimously approved the sewerage planning module as recommended by the NLTMA.

Township engineer Steve Sherk and the Planning Commission recommended the plan be approved.

In other news, supervisors:

  • Unanimously agreed to donate $25,000 to Lebanon Valley Rails-to-Trails for the continuation of their trails through the township. This donation comes from the “Fees in Lieu” fund, which is exclusively devoted to the leisure activities of the municipality.
  • Heard a complaint about noise on Prescott Drive, which was raised at a previous meeting. Township Superintendent Cheri Grumbine said a notice of violation for working on the property had been sent and further action may be required, and Police Chief Tim Knight urged complainants to call the police to investigate while the noise is happening.
  • Unanimously approved the use of the Lion Lake parking lot for a fundraiser for the Ebenezer Beautification Committee BBQ on September 14 from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
  • I heard that two items, a four person metal swing and an Epson Power Lite 1761W LCD projector, were sold on municibid for $410 and $122 respectively.
  • Schedule a public hearing Jan. 6 for a rezoning application from Escambia Properties LLC to have 1675 and 1677 Grace Avenue rezoned from rural residential to low-density residential.
  • Provided an update on the proposed Lenni Lenape Park Trail, indicating that the township now plans to pave it internally. They hope to finish it by winter, but the project could overflow next year.
  • Unanimously approved the submission of the 2023 Security Grant application to Benecon, requesting $1,500 in grants.
  • I learned that the Recycling Coordinator, Bonnie Grumbine, submitted the 904 Recycling Performance Grant for 2021.
  • Unanimously approved a tree dedication at Lenni Lenape Park.
  • Unanimously approved the minutes (PDF) of their July 18 meeting, as well as payroll, fund balances and payment of bills.
  • Heard the police report, which noted there were 592 calls in July and a total of 3,899 year-to-date through July.

Supervisors in North Lebanon meet at the canton’s municipal building on the third Monday of each month at 7 p.m. The next meeting will be on September 19. Meetings are open to the public and do not require prior registration.

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