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NIMBY residents ‘concerned and distressed’ by ‘giant and ugly’ bike shed

Days after Brighton & Hove City Council said it would investigate the location of a bicycle shed sparking outrage from parking permit holders who said it was ‘deliberately’ blocking parking spaces parking lot, another resident told the local press that she didn’t want any of the “giant ugly objects” in front of her house.

Janice Goodlet told The Argus she was ‘concerned and distressed’ by a plan to place one of the bicycle warehouses – of which the council has provided 60 since July and plans to install 90 more here spring, totaling 900 bicycle spaces for residents – outside his home on St Leonards Road in Hove.

Although she says she is “not against the installation of bicycle sheds”, the resident of the road for nearly 30 years says she is “unhappy” that it is “directly in front” of her “living room and bedroom”.

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“I am not against the provision of cycle sheds on public roads so that cyclists can store their cycles in a secure place, but I am unhappy with the way the council decided on its location without any direct consultation with residents who will be directly affected,” she said.

“There are many other places near my home where the bike shed would not be directly outside of a resident’s living room and bedroom. It would seem the negative impact this would have on me and my partner doesn’t matter.

“I’ve lived in my house for nearly 30 years and loved living here, but the idea of ​​having an immovable, large object directly outside my house that I have no control over makes me feel really concerned and distressed.”

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Local Councilor Robert Nemeth, who was ‘surprised’ to see his name on the petition linked above given his opposition to this particular cycle route, said the sheds are a ‘very controversial policy’ which ‘doesn’t has been subject to neither public nor democratic scrutiny”.

“Issues such as planning, access, loss of parking spaces, supply and the inevitable vandalism were not properly considered,” he said. “Of course I support Janice in opposing this monstrosity outside her home. These structures should only come out of the homes of those who wish to use them.

Earlier this week, Brighton & Hove City Council said it would investigate the location of another shed in the town after an image of it occupying two permitted parking spaces appeared on public social networks.

The Norfolk Square shed photo led to accusations of council ‘incompetence’ and a ‘continuing war on motorists’ before the authority confirmed to they would ‘investigate’ and were ‘aware of the concerns”.

The town hall, however, wanted to add that it was “delighted” with the general reception given to the new bicycle sheds and that “the local residents had wanted them for a long time”, which is apparent from the demand for available space.

“We started with 20 installations in July and saw 100% uptake in just a few weeks,” said Councilor Steve Davis, Co-Chair of the Environment, Transportation and Sustainability Committee.

“Since then we have installed 40 more, and all but one of the 360 ​​spaces have now been occupied. This means that 359 residents now have a safe and secure place to store their bikes.

“There are also approximately 300 people on waiting lists for spaces. We are currently looking for more shed locations. We will have a total of 150 bicycle sheds installed by spring next year, i.e. 900 spaces for bicycles in total.

“We know that if we want more people to travel actively and sustainably, we need to provide them with the right infrastructure. Bike sheds offer people who live in homes with little or no storage space the opportunity to store their bikes safely.”

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