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NHK shooting 911 calls broadcast to I-Team 8 – WISH-TV | Indianapolis News | Indiana weather

FRANKFORT, Ind. (WISH) – Calls from coworkers at the 911 center were frantic. Many of them had witnessed an evil act that was difficult to describe.

The names of 911 callers have been redacted by the Clinton County Dispatch Center.

WARNING: Some of these calls may be difficult to listen to.

Auditor: Someone send the police to the NHK.

Operator 911: Are you at NHK on I-65?

Caller: They shoot. Someone got shot.

Operator 911: OK.

Shortly after 4 p.m. on Wednesday, Promise Mays and her grandmother Pamela Sledd were shot and killed in the NHK parking lot. I-Team 8 got the calls made just seconds after the suspect left the parking lot.

Operator 911: Can you see if they are breathing? Are they breathing?

Listener: No, they are not breathing, sir.

911 operator: They’re not breathing?

Caller: No sir.

According to court documents, Gary Ferrell attempted to force Mays into his car and she struggled to escape. When Sledd attempted to intervene, the suspect shot him, then turned the gun at Mays.

Appellant: The person who drove him is currently driving a blue Ford eastbound on (IN-28).

911 operator: Blue Ford eastbound on 28?

Auditor: Yes, a light blue Ford and it drives at high speed. We know his name; he is salaried. Wait, there are two shot people here sir, I need EMS right away.

Operator 911: Can you see if they are breathing?

Listener: No, they are not breathing, sir.

Mays and Sledd often rode to work together, and their family said on Wednesday they did. They had arrived just in time for their shift. At the time, the parking lot was quite full.

They were shot in the sight of their colleagues.

Operator 911: Are you at the factory?

Listener: Yes, I heard gunshots. I was sitting in my car waiting to enter.

From other calls, I-Team 8 knows that at least one colleague attempted to provide first aid. When the police arrived, both women were dead.

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