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New car park, bus station and Nottingham Central Library powered by the sun

An installation of 720 solar panels on the roof of Broad Marsh’s new state-of-the-art car park, bus station and central library is helping to power the building and support Nottingham’s carbon neutral goals.

The range of panels and a host of other smart technologies mean the building is playing its part in Nottingham’s ambition to become the UK’s first carbon neutral city by 2028, while facilitating customer journeys.

Motorists with electric vehicles using the new car park can charge at any of 81 charging points, believed to be the most in one place in the whole of the UK. Other features include:

A vehicle management system which consists of electronic signs and lights indicating available parking spaces, reducing vehicle movement and congestion

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· Sensor-controlled security doors to the bus concourse. Doors only open and close when the bus is in the bay, ensuring passenger safety, helping to maintain a warm waiting area and reducing exposure to fumes

· Sensor-controlled ventilation system that adapts to the ventilation requirements of the car park, eliminating harmful fumes

Charging infrastructure for buses to meet future needs

Highly intelligent and energy efficient lighting

Energy performance certificate “A”

Efficient “A” rated boilers

· Use of highly recyclable materials including steel, concrete and glass

· Use of long life and low maintenance materials for bridge surfacing and bus station

· Ongoing changes around the new building will create new pedestrian spaces and introduce bus-only road sections directing traffic away from the town centre, as well as increasing planting and greenery in the area.

Councilor Sally Longford, portfolio holder for energy and the environment, said: “We are linking our ambitions of a carbon neutral city by 2028 with action across the city, and these solar panels are part of that. another item. It will be our third largest solar photovoltaic system, after Nottingham Tennis Center and Harvey Hadden Sports Village.

“The Broadmarsh redevelopment area is a key part of our carbon neutral ambitions, removing four lanes of traffic from the area, installing electric vehicle charging stations, creating greener public spaces and our electric and biogas buses and our electric taxis mean we are creating a much more enjoyable and much greener driveway to Nottingham compared to just a few years ago.”

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