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multi-storey parking unit works in Palayam re-tendered | Thiruvananthapuram News

Thiruvananthapuram: Two years after the multi-level car park project in Palayam was awarded to a private company by Smart City Thiruvananthapuram Ltd (SCTL), the project has now been re-tendered.
Initially, the facility was designed to accommodate 270 two-wheelers and 568 cars. The revised tender conditions propose 220 two-wheelers and 300 cars. The cost of the project has also been revised from Rs 27.9 crore to Rs 27 crore.
The construction of an Electromechanical Multi-Level Car Park (MLCP) at Block A, Palayam has been awarded to Affordable Robotics and Automation Ltd at a cost of Rs 30.21 crore in October 2020. The contractor had completed two test piles and load tests. Later, a request was filed with SCTL to provide price escalation. SCTL did not accept this request because the contract did not include a price increase clause. SCTL then issued a notice to the contractor who approached the High Court to appoint the CEO as arbitrator for the price hike. The high court had ordered SCTL to go ahead with the revocation of the bank guarantee. The bank guarantee was withheld and 5% of the cost was handed over to the company that originally bagged the project, SCTL sources said.
The board meeting held in March decided to revoke the bank guarantee and restart the work, citing that the contractor was unwilling to continue the work without raising the price. SCTL had considered the option of giving the contractor an additional six months to complete the project. However, the council was in favor of a new tender.
Major infrastructure projects under the smart city project in the city had either slowed down or temporarily halted due to soaring cement and steel prices. Private companies that took over projects involving civilian components had communicated to SCTL regarding revised estimates.
MLCP Palayam’s proposal contains a dedicated two-wheeler parking space for approximately 220 spaces and an automated multi-level mechanized parking system to accommodate a minimum of 300 cars. The proposal also contains ancillary facilities such as toilets, electrical facilities including DG backup and firefighting systems with sump tank and electric vehicle charging stations.
The project should be completed within 15 months. This means that the design, government authority statutory approvals and handover must be completed within this time frame.

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