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MSU Partnership Brings Outdoor Art Installations to East Lansing

A new outdoor art exhibit in East Lansing features replicas of pieces from Michigan State University’s Broad Art Museum.

The Division Street parking lot, along Albert Avenue, is adorned with five different signs featuring reproductions of the Broad Art Museum. Around each panel is a set of chairs enticing passers-by to pause and admire the artwork in front of them.

Peter Dewan, the former chairman of the East Lansing Downtown Development Authority, said the project was part of a plan to attract more visitors and support small businesses in the area.

“There is nothing more transformative than walking through a part of town. And all of a sudden you look up and you see these beautiful renderings that are on the walls of the parking lots, the adjacent businesses and it brightens the mood. It brightens up the space, ”he said.

He said the project aims to transform the city center into a more cultural destination for visitors.

“What we really hope to celebrate is an arts community, a city of the arts,” he added.

Dewan said that as new pieces are installed, the pieces currently on display will be moved to other public spaces.

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