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Minor arrested after chase with vehicle reported stolen in MUSC carjacking

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) – North Charleston police confirmed that a minor was arrested Monday evening hours after a carjacking was reported in an MUSC parking lot.

An incident report says officers spotted a vehicle that had been reported stolen driving at high speed on Accabee Road shortly after 7 p.m. After a brief chase, during which two people ran from the passenger side, police continued to pursue the vehicle in the Horizon Village neighborhood, the report said.

Police say the driver ended up driving the wrong day on Frazier Lane and eventually pulled over and the driver ran from the vehicle through a chain link fence to the neighborhood icon of Park Circle. The report says the officer chased the minor on foot until the minor stopped on the porch of a house and was taken into custody.

The report says possible charges include failing to stop at blue lights and possession of a stolen vehicle.

Police did not release the boy’s name or age.

Police recovered a cell phone from the area where the two passengers fled the vehicle along with the phone of the juvenile suspect, the report said.

Man was carjacked in MUSC parking lot while waiting for woman in ER

MUSC public safety officers responded around 4:04 p.m. to the Rutledge Tower parking lot where a carjacking had been reported.

The victim told officers he took the car’s owner to the hospital emergency room and waited for her in his 2016 Toyota Camry on the third floor of the parking lot.

He said he sat in the vehicle with the driver’s door open while watching videos on his phone.

The victim told police that two armed men wearing ski masks and wearing dark clothing approached from behind. One of them, he said, pointed a gun at him and asked him to get out of the car and empty his pockets or he would be shot.

The second man searched the car, the victim said.

The two men then took the car and attempted to exit the garage onto Ashley Avenue and were blocked by other cars, the report said. They were able to exit the Rutledge Avenue exit by passing under the closed gate, police said.

The victim said that in addition to the vehicle, the carjackers stole his phone and $57 in cash.

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