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Man detained for managing illegal parking in Colaba

A 24-year-old man has been arrested by Mumbai police for allegedly managing an unauthorized parking lot in Colaba, south Mumbai.

According to police officials, the case was recorded on Monday when a police officer noticed the parking lot while on patrol. “We were roaming our neighborhood when, around 11:30 am, we saw a Maruti Eco car illegally parked on Best Road. We went to tell the driver that he had parked in a forbidden place and he pointed to an individual standing behind his car and said that he had charged him 100 rupees for keeping his car there ” said the cop.

The police went to inquire about the man. He was identified as Shivkumar Soni and told police he worked for a private company that was awarded a contract to run a parking lot.

Police then investigated and learned that BMC had awarded them a contract to operate a parking lot on P Ramchandani Road, which is adjacent to Best Road. However, Soni had started to occupy the vacant space on Best Road and was using it for parking.

“He had started charging motorists by allowing them to park their vehicles on Best Road, whose contract was initially offered to their company but they did not take,” said an officer, while adding: “As he defrauded people by using vacant government space to operate a parking lot, a cheating case was filed against him.

Colaba police said they have yet to make an arrest in the case as they are trying to determine whether it was Soni who committed the crime or whether the company was also involved.


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