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Ludlow Town Planning Council Approves Site Plan for Communication Tower

LUDLOW – After years of work, Ludlow Town Planning Council approved a site plan for a new communications tower that would improve communications between city departments at their November 18 meeting.

The proposed 180-foot monopoly would be located at 0 Center Street, adjacent to the parking lot connected to one of the city’s athletic fields, just behind Citizen’s Bank.

Ludlow Fire Chief Ryan Pease said the tower would be used only for communications with the city.

“This is a radio communication project for our city-wide communication system involving the police, fire department, DPW, schools, the senior center and the board of health. It’s not a tower we’re going to sell space on, it’s dedicated to city-wide emergency radio communications, ”he said.

He added that the tower would not disrupt the fields or the parking lot.

“We don’t put him in the middle of the football field, that won’t disturb anything existing there, he’s going to sit on the side of the parking lot there, we maybe take a parking spot or two.” , did he declare. . “It’s a monopoly, so it’s not a huge structure that’s going to be horrible to look at.”

The Marcus Communications project representative said the plan was to start the project in December or January and complete construction by May, while construction and procurement deadlines remain on track.

Police Chief Daniel Valadas said the tower would specifically aid police and firefighter communications between departments.

“This is a long-standing project that dates back about seven years. This is to remedy a lack of effective communication capacity with all the services mentioned by the fire chief, but especially with your police and your firefighters who are there every day, ”he said.

The new tower would provide a solution to the problem for years to come.

“We had tricky situations where communication was very poor and people needed help immediately. This was to fix it and the town assembly voted for it, so this is hopefully the culmination of a long project and will serve the town of Ludlow for many years to come, ”said Valadas .

Planning board chairman Christopher Coelho said he was in favor of the project.

“I have known this has been needed for some time, so I am happy that it is in place,” he said.

While board member Raymond Phoenix was in favor of the other exemptions for the project, he said he was against approving the exemption on the creation of additional parking spaces due to the fact that it was not needed with the existing parking for the land. The board unanimously agreed and voted in favor of approving the site plan as well as the other four waivers, but rejected the parking waiver.

Ludlow’s planning council then meets on December 9.

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