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LG Sinha Launches Overnight Parking at Airports in Srinagar, Jammu | India is blooming

Jammu/Srinagar: Lt. Governor Manoj Sinha on Thursday launched overnight parking at Jammu and Srinagar airports which will provide late night and early morning departures from the airports.

Speaking on the occasion, the Lieutenant Governor said this important initiative will make air travel easier for all with a multiplier effect on the hospitality industry.

“I commend the airport authorities, officials and residents of J&K on the operationalization of the new Go First aircraft overnight parking facilities at Jammu and Srinagar airports. This fresh start reflects our commitment to boosting connectivity and meeting the mobility needs of people,” said the Lieutenant Governor.

“It will make traveling a lot easier for those looking for a day trip,” he added.

While highlighting the ongoing transformation at J&K under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Lieutenant Governor said, “We are moving forward to realize the Honorable Prime Minister’s vision of making J&K an industrial and dynamic tourism by developing infrastructure, strengthening the environment and ensuring better connectivity.

Elaborating on the achievements in terms of aircraft and passenger movements to J&K, the Lieutenant Governor said that despite the Covid pandemic, new records were achieved at Jammu and Srinagar airports.

A record 2460 flight operations were recorded at Srinagar airport in October 2021.

Moreover, in February 2021, about 2.54 lakh passengers traveled through 1,597 flights at Srinagar airport, while in February 2022, this figure reached 1,917 flights and 2.60 lakh passengers.

In March 2021, 1,030 flights operated at Jammu airport and more than 1 lakh passengers traveled, while in March 2022, a record 1,346 flights were operated at Jammu airport and around 1, 55 lakh passengers traveled, he added.

Ranjan Prakash Thakur, Principal Secretary, Industries and Civil Aviation; Kaushik Khona, CEO, Go First Airlines; Kuldeep Singh, Airport Manager, Srinagar; Sanjeev Kumar Garg, Manager of Jammu Airport, in addition to the managers of Jammu and Srinagar airports, members of the Go First team were present on occasion, in person and in virtual mode.

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