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Letter to the Editor: Property Tax Stabilization Program Not Helping Maine Seniors

The state property tax stabilization program ends up being a sham. I thought if I applied in September 2022, the town of Gorham would use the 2022 tax year as the stabilized rate, because the Maine Tax Services website says, “The tax you are charged for your property will be frozen at the amount you were billed. in the previous tax year. Since I applied in September 2022, I assumed “last year” meant 2021 or 2022 would be my rate.

The Cumberland County assessment in April 2022 increased my taxes from $4,740 to $5,938, and I received a bill for that amount. The municipal office explained that the “previous” year is actually the tax year from June 2022 to July 2023. Therefore, I have “stabilized” on the highest tax in the history of the state, at a time of the highest inflation in the nation, and based on inflated land values ​​from foreigners that drove up property prices.

Every Mainer knows that when foreigners realize they will face the same problems here as the metropolitan areas they left – theaters sold out months in advance; coffee at the wheel with a wait of more than 10 cars; no parking to enjoy Portland’s restaurants and brutal winters – they’ll sell at a loss, leaving the rest of us with hugely inflated property tax bills.

As a result, I’ll be paying $1,200 more in taxes, over $5 a gallon for fuel oil, with a shrinking retirement account as the stock market plunges.

This is not a good deal for seniors, who should remember this when they vote in November.

Kathleen Williams

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