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Letter from Sudbury: Free parking at KED isn’t so free

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Thus, the city council has decided that parking for the Dario Zulich event center will be provided free of charge by the city. Kingsway Entertainment District parking will not be free: it will be a cost buried in tax bills. it will be paid mainly by taxpayers who do not go to KED.

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If the council wants free parking for events, they should drive downtown where the parking spaces are already built. Downtown parking has already been paid for. These spots are empty at night. They are free for the city.

KED parking spaces will remain empty 95% of the time. This means that the city promises to build expensive, low-value parking spaces to subsidize owners and fans of Wolves and potential patrons of an imaginary casino.

An additional downtown parking space would be used at least 10 times more than any space at KED. Investing downtown is good savings. The city can actually charge for downtown spaces during the day if they need to. Buying expensive parking spaces that will hardly be used on the outskirts of town is bad policy.

The board doesn’t quite lie that parking will be free at KED. He only shows again his tragic inability to understand simple economics.

david robinson



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