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Lake Salem water levels drop as renovations begin and boat access is cut | Local

A lake wall is a retaining wall that prevents shoreline erosion. Hege said that over the past 40 years, the Salem Lake metal bulkhead has suffered erosion in the back, requiring current repairs.

The water level only dropped slightly on Tuesday when the drawdown began, but started to rise on Wednesday afternoon and is expected to continue at a faster rate now, Hege said. The water release should be gradual and is also affected by any amount of rain received, Hege said.

The work at Salem Lake is the second phase of the work which began with the construction of a new marina and other attractions. Upgrades are all paid for from the proceeds of bonds approved by city voters.

In the second phase of the work, Bar Construction Co. of Greensboro is carrying out construction at a cost of $ 2.2 million. Since bids were lower than estimated, the city was able to expand the scope of work to include asphalt paving on the new parking lot, cover the playground parking lot with asphalt, and build 12 boat ramps. in the water on the new floating dock rather than six.

Other work planned for this phase includes work on gravel roads and sidewalks, a rubber safety surface for the playground, benches, lighting and landscaping in addition to repairing partitions and from the launching ramp.

Levels of Lake Salem are lowered before the works

City officials say there is a method behind the timing of the Lake Salem closures: The closures allow asphalt work to take place now before cold weather sets in and asphalt factories close for the winter. If the city were to wait until spring and warmer weather, Hege said, it could delay completion of the work.

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