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Karol Bagh, 3 other sites can benefit from off-street parking | Delhi News

New Delhi: The North Delhi Municipal Corporation approved a one-of-a-kind proposal for the construction of four multi-level parking lots on Ajmal Khan Road (Bank Street), Old Rajendra Nagar, Shastri Park and Pusa Lane after converting these properties to ownership frank. The project will require the approval of the Chamber before the tender.
The chairman of the standing committee, Jogi Ram Jain, said the parking lots will meet the long-standing demand from traders to expand off-street parking in Karol Bagh and neighboring areas to relieve road congestion.
“We have tried to expand the parking lots after renting out the properties several times over the past few years and even cutting costs, but no response has been received. A decision was then made to make these properties freehold and the final reserve price was increased by 25%. However, we will continue to manage 75% of the parking lots, ”Jain added.
After making the properties freehold, the civic body would lose the property rights. An official said the proposal was updated based on the DDA’s amendments to the Delhi 2021 master plan, granting height relief for parking lots.
Chamber Chief Chhail Bihari Goswami said: “There will be no restriction on the height of parking lots, provided they get approval from the relevant agencies, such as Delhi Urban Art Commission, Archaeological Survey of India and the fire brigade. However, the amendment imposed restrictions on areas for commercial use. For parking on a 3000 m² lot, the FAR for commercial use can be 100%, but for lots of more than 3000 m², 60% of the FAR will be allowed. Since all these plots are above 3000 m², the second condition will apply.
The total parking area of ​​Ajmal Khan Road is 4,115 m². Currently it is used for surface parking. Space would be created to park at least 500 vehicles. Previously the reserve price was Rs 157.6 crore, but it has now been increased to Rs 175.6 crore. The Shastri Park facility would have a supply of 577 vehicles with an area of ​​4,806 m². The reserve price was kept at Rs 119.4 crore.
For the Old Rajendra Nagar project, the land area is 3,871.3 m² with provision for the parking of 464 vehicles. For Pusa Lane, the reserve price has been set at Rs 148 crore. Unlike other projects, it was designed recently with a provision for 381 cars.

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