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Kolkata: Police have already started receiving complaints from some angry residents residing near big budget pujas, claiming that their lanes and side lanes are blocked by illegal parking. With the Kolkata Police forbidding the parking of vehicles on the main road, especially near any Puja pandals, misery has hit those who live in the alleys surrounding the Big Bill Pujas. Several residents even find it difficult to leave their homes, with all the alleys being used by bikers as illegal parking areas.
This year, with most of the revelers preferring to use private vehicles to jump into a pandal due to the prevailing pandemic, the challenge of keeping the bylanes free from two-wheelers and four-wheelers has become all the more difficult.
Residents residing near Naktala Udayan Sangha and Karbagan have already filed complaints in this regard with the police via the Kolkata Traffic Police Twitter account. Puja organizers have also requested police assistance in this regard, sources said asking for additional parking space for them. Lalbazar called on local traffic officers to act and submit reports on the action taken as quickly as possible.
“I humbly ask you to please mark the lane in front of our house as ‘no parking or no entry’ during (Durga) Puja days. Every year we suffer as visitors to Naktala Udayan Sangha park their vehicles and block the road. So often people sit in their cars and drink, “wrote Sayak Datta, a resident of Naktala Arambagh Lane. “Thank you for your contribution. The same was shared with the concerned traffic officer for the necessary measures,” replied DCP (Traffic) office Arijit Sinha.
When contacted, the organizers of Naktala Udayan Pally admitted there could be problems with illegal parking, but said they had discussed the matter with police in detail. “We have asked for police assistance to ensure that the threat of bicycles and cars does not deter local residents from going out at night. The puja site is located in open land on the west side of Naktala Road. The designated parking lot is just about 200 meters north of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Road and Naktala Road Crossing. It’s not too far on foot, “said an officer.
Another resident of Tilak Road, adjacent to Deshapriya Puja Park, said things got worse after midnight. “The cops are happy that there is no illegal parking on Main Rashbehari Avenue. Only we know how difficult it is to walk our route, ”she said, refusing to reveal her name. The issue has been discussed in several forums by the organizers of Taltala Puja each year. “We raised the issue of overnight parking and were able to minimize its problems a bit,” said one organizer.
A resident of Rabindranath Tagore Road, an alley between James Long Sarani and Diamond Harbor Road, struggles to enter his house as bikers park their two-wheelers in the alley and go to queue at SB Park Puja in Panchanantala on the DH route. “The Puja committee has made efforts to keep the cars and bicycles of the inhabitants of the neighborhood moving in the evening, but what about those out-of-town bikers who park their vehicles in front of our houses at night?” What are we supposed to do? Asked Chatterjee, a retired government employee.
Several organizers want the cops to take more responsibility. They cited a case nearly four years ago in Anandapur where a club secretary was convicted of “obstructing traffic”. the blockade was to prevent bikers from using the lane to park vehicles before visiting Pujas in the area.
If you want to complain about illegal parking, you can contact your nearest traffic officer (not the police station)
alternatively, you can use the roadside assistance numbers
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Other traffic control room numbers
98300-10000, 98308-11111,
2214-1457, 2250-5096, 2214-3644, 2242-7248.

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