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How catalytic converter thefts in the Ozarks impact your insurance

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – Catalytic converter theft is a common problem in the Ozarks.

Rick’s Automotive of Springfield said they have seen 40 to 50 victims in the past three to four months in their store alone.

“In one case, the thief stole a catalytic converter and a diesel particulate filter and caused a lot of damage under his car. This particular repair bill, because they caused so much damage, was about $ 13,000, ”said Micah Blake of Rick’s Automotive.

Rick’s Automotive shared a device called a “cat clip” that helps protect against criminals.

“A few of our fleets use the cat clamp and it’s a kind of cable-type mechanism that goes over the catalytic converter which also attaches to part of the vehicle frame. It’s harder for people to steal your converter, ”Blake said.

Insurers in the Ozarks told KY3 how being the victim of catalytic converter theft affects your insurance.

“If you have an aggregate claim, it’s not something that negatively affects your rate because it’s the claims that get paid or the aggregate claims get damaged over which you don’t really have control,” said the Bryant Young insurance agent.

Young explained that as long as you have a comprehensive coverage plan, you should be safe if this unfortunate event were to occur.

“Hail, vandalism, theft, a deer jumping in front of you, these are all things that are paid for by a comprehensive claim. There’s no real negative effect because you have no way of controlling someone who creeps under your vehicle and tries to steal the catalytic converter, ”Young said.

Young recommends that you call your insurance company if this happens to you or a loved one.

“For people who are concerned about this happening to them, I would recommend a conversation with your insurance agent and make sure you have the right coverage that will pay for something like this,” Young said.

According to the Springfield Police Department, it is so common due to the ease of removal of the converter and the value of the different metals found in the hold. The police department recommends several tips to avoid being a victim, including: defensive parking, park security lighting, awareness, identification engraving and reporting to the police. All of these tips are according to the Springfield Police Department and more can be found here.

Additionally, according to the Springfield Police Department, the type of car you own can also make you more likely to be the victim of theft.

“Based on the theft reports reviewed by detectives, it would appear that the most commonly targeted vehicles in our area would include various Ford pickup models as well as smaller vehicles such as the Chevrolet Cavalier, Honda Element and the Toyota Prius, ”the Springfield Police Department said.

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