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Here’s what it costs now to park at DFW airport

DFW International Airport has raised the price of parking in its more affordable lots.

After quietly instituting price increases in May, the DFW Airport Board of Directors will vote this week to keep fare increases in the express and remote lots at DFW International Airport from $2 to $5 per day. . Hourly costs will remain the same, along with the $27 per day rate for main terminal parking.

Other prices go up to get in and out of the airport, including carpooling and even employee parking. It follows a post-pandemic trend of rising parking prices across the country, including parking rate increases this spring at nearby Dallas Love Field.

While the remote and express car parks are much smaller than the 24,000-space terminal car parks, these car parks have long been the cheapest option for drivers traveling to DFW. Express parking garage increased from $15 to $18 per day. Uncovered express parking increased from $10 to $15 per day and remote lot parking increased from $2 to $12 per day.

At the same time, fees for Uber and Lyft drivers will drop from $5 per ride to $6 while fares for shuttles, taxis, limos and buses will remain the same when the airport’s new fiscal year begins in october.

Employee parking rates at DFW would also increase by $12 per month to $57.

DFW Airport has two express parking lots and two remote parking lots, each located away from the terminals and requiring a shuttle ride to and from them. The North Express Lot is located north of the terminals, directly across from the American Airlines cargo facility. The South Express Parking Lot is located across from Terminal E and the parking lot is also in the same location where DFW plans to eventually build its new Terminal F, a project that has been put on hold due to the pandemic.

DFW’s remote grounds are at least one mile away on the north and south side of the airport complex. It just reopened this lot in May after being closed for nearly two years because it was not needed during the COVID-19 pandemic travel downturn.

A year ago, the airport raised daily terminal parking rates from $3 to $27 per day after delaying parking rate increases for nearly six years.

DFW International Airport reported nearly $180 million in parking revenue in its 2019 fiscal year, although the amount declined due to lower traffic due to the pandemic.

But passenger and parking traffic has come back strong this year. DFW exceeded its pre-pandemic passenger levels in April and May. Airport parking revenue is already $30 million above projected levels at this point in the year. That means the airport could beat pre-pandemic parking revenue.

While DFW Airport hasn’t explained why it’s raising parking rates, Love Field Aviation manager Mark Duebner said the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people get to the airport. airport. Love Field raised rates, Duebner said, because parking lots were too full.

Leisure traffic has dominated the post-pandemic travel boom and leisure travelers, especially those with families, are more likely to drive.

The use of ridesharing apps is also down, for the same reason.

At DFW, these leisure travelers spend. Despite a shortage of rental cars and airport concession workers, the reduction the airport is taking from rental car companies, shops and restaurants is greater than expected at this stage of the recovery.

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