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Hampton Co. Watermelon Festival Returns

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) – The Hampton County Watermelon Festival is hosting events all week, with Tuesday’s big event being Children’s Day in the Park which brought tons of cars along this street, filled with families and children.

“It’s the oldest festival in the state, 80 years old. That’s a lot to be proud of for Hampton County,” said Susanne Peeples, Director of Emergency Management.

Eight decades of children and watermelon, a combination as sweet as any. It’s the county’s biggest event of the year and even has its own royalty.

The pandemic took them on a two-year hiatus, but this year they reunited as a community.

“I’ve wanted to be queen all my life and it was so nice because I wasn’t there the last time they held the festival so it was such an honor to represent the festival and so nice to be back,” Leighanna Brown told the Miss Hampton County Watermelon Festival.

As has been the case at every event so far, people came out in droves on Tuesday morning.

“When I drove down the road a few minutes ago to get here, I couldn’t believe the cars parked all along the highway. It’s a great feeling.

They have a ton of watermelons to keep up with this high demand, and a whole lot was put back in the car for the rest of this six-day festival.

“Friday night is the big street dance that everyone loves to come to. We see everyone we’ve missed for so long,” said Cindy Davis, secretary of the Hampton County Watermelon Festival.

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