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Golspie High School Bus Park Plan Dead End

Golspie High School principal Mark Evans and his parent council remain totally opposed to opening the school’s bus fleet to other vehicles, it has been reported.

Mark Evans.

It was hoped that cars and motorhomes could be allowed to use the bus parking lot, located next to the school and behind the Golspie medical practice, in a bid to provide more parking space and facilitate the passage of visitors in the village.

A compromise solution that would see the bus park open only during school holidays has not found favor with Mr Evans and the Parents’ Council.

Councilor Richard Gale has previously acknowledged that the bus fleet can be “manic” at arrival and school pick-up times.

He told a Golspie Community Council meeting on Monday evening: ‘There are issues there with the safety of children being paramount. The school wants to keep the bus parking lot empty all the time. I would like it to be used outside of school time.

“I’m still of the opinion that if the school isn’t there, there are no security issues.”

Community council chairman Ian Sutherland said: ‘The main thing is that the principal and the parents’ council are against it and I understand their point of view, but for the summer holidays I don’t see any problem. There will be no more discussions until the next mandate.

Secretary Henrietta Marriott said a former teacher pointed out to her that there was a designated path between the school fence and the parking lot and that arrangements could be made to improve security, such as moving the fence from school further into the playground and ensure that buses are parked with their doors towards the school. Students could also be escorted to and from the bus park by teachers.

Work has recently been undertaken to upgrade the parking facilities at the nearby Fountain Road car park with a new white lining and electric vehicle charging stations.

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