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Gastroenterology Health Partners Louisville announces move to new location in Watterson Towers at 1941 Bishop Lane in October 2022

Gastroenterology Health Partners, powered by One GI, has opened its doors for expansion. Formerly located in a suite of the Medical Arts Building on Eastern Parkway in Louisville, GHP has decided to relocate its base of operations from Central-Louisville where, beginning Monday, October 10, 2022, patients will be able to enjoy a spacious expansion at 2nd Floor of Watterson Towers, 1941 Bishop Lane, Louisville, KY 40218, located just off the Watterson Expressway at Newburg Road.

This new location will be optimally accessible – with ample disabled parking, as well as regular parking and an easily accessible lift to reach the 2nd floor. GHP staff aim to be as central as possible and easily found by new and existing patients from all areas of Louisville. In the newly renovated office space, Gastro Health Partners hopes to comfortably meet the capacity needs of its growing customer base, with unique treatment options for all patient needs.

In order to achieve these goals, GHP is pleased to announce that its new location will include an on-site research center, phlebotomy lab and infusion center – designed to accommodate 4 new infusion chairs. These new additions will come equipped with heat and massage functions, cited for “maximum comfort” and optimal patient experience.

Ultimately, GHP says the goal “was to modernize and optimize their footprint in the business.” By expanding its range of services and the space available to provide patient care, they hope that this new move will sufficiently and effectively increase patient satisfaction and improve the office visit experience.

About GHP:
As a passionate “supergroup” of highly skilled, subspecialty-trained gastrointestinal physicians and clinicians, Gastro Health Partners seeks to provide a wide range of services for all aspects of digestive health. Powered by One GI, a management service organization (MSO) dedicated to gastroenterology, GHP physicians have access to cutting-edge information, peer-reviewed research, and tools for gastroenterology success. enterology. In addition to being part of One GI, GHP places great importance on collaborating and partnering with regional procedure centers, hospitals and primary care clinicians so that patients know that the care they receive is unparalleled in the region.

GHP provides comprehensive treatment for all digestive system disorders and conditions, and also devotes a great deal of manpower and research to refining and advancing solutions. Each clinic offers a full range of gastroenterology treatments to their patients – from in-house GI pathologists and outpatient infusion and research centers to outpatient health and wellness programs. Every service offered relies on the specialization, assessment, and expert treatment of its on-site physicians – all advanced practice, GI fellowship-trained providers.

If you or a loved one is having a digestive system problem, GHP may have a solution. Contact your nearest Gastroenterology Health Partners by calling the desired location number below. Instructions for preparing for your appointment can be found on the patient page of the GHP website.

2630 Grant Line Road
New Albany, IN 47150


NEW IN OCTOBER 2022: 1941 Bishop Lane Suite 200
Louisville, Kentucky 40218

3225 Summit Square, Suite 100
Lexington, Kentucky 40509

2401 Terra Crossing Boulevard, Suite 410
Louisville, Kentucky 40245


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