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FAAN moves to strengthen security at Seymore parking lot, MMIA

Chinedu Eze

Following complaints of the theft of vehicle parts by users of the parking lot of the international wing of Murtala Muhammed Airport (MMIA), Lagos, the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) deployed its task force on the safety in the facility as well as in the areas around the park.

The car park was built and is managed by Seymore Aviation Multi-level Car Park Company under a public-private partnership (PPP) with FAAN.

THISDAY learned from a senior agency official that when the theft report turned manly on social media, he was tasked by the CEO to investigate and uncover the real problem with the establishment.

FAAN’s investigation found that there was no comprehensive coverage of all levels of the parking lot by CCTV and that the company lacked adequate security personnel to effectively monitor movements in the facility.

According to the source, FAAN has therefore deployed a senior AVSEC official to determine how to monitor the activities of the facility and ensure that it is secure for users.

“Previously, Seymore had its own security system, but after complaints from parking lot users, I was commissioned by the CEO of FAAN to investigate and find out what happened.

“So we did a security check and found out that the CCTV was not covering the parking lot properly and the management did not have enough security staff to effectively monitor the place and we also wanted to find out who was said that cars parked at the location is at the owner’s own risk.

“We first heard that it was an official from FAAN AVSEC, so we carried out an investigation and also found out that an official from Seymore had made the statement,” he said. .

The FAAN official also TODAY said the agency has asked the company to urgently extend CCTV to cover all parts of the parking lot and also link it to the FAAN ANSEC security monitor so that the the company and the agency jointly monitor the activities in the parking lot.

“We also ordered that more staff be hired and we would also deploy our AVSEC staff to ensure adequate security coverage of the place. We also found that there was no adequate lighting in the park, so we asked the management to light up everywhere in the facility because if everything is well lit it will discourage thefts, ”said the manager.

In a conversation with THISDAY, FAAN’s General Manager of Corporate Affairs, Ms. Henrietta Yakubu, who confirmed the new security partnership with Seymore, revealed that company leadership and FAAN officials have met. yesterday to agree on how to immediately implement the directive the agency gave to Seymore.

The report of the parking lot theft incident turned manly on social media over the Christmas holidays, and airport users and industry stakeholders were enraged by the excuse that the parked vehicles in the installation were at the risk and peril of the owners.


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