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Encroachments and poor parking cause congestion on the roads: CTO

RAWALPINDI, (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News – September 25, 2022): Encroachments and improper parking in various areas leading to frequent traffic jams on the city’s roads have created many problems for the citizens, said the traffic warden ( CTO) Rawalpindi Naveed Irshad.

Speaking to APP, the CTO informed that the city had become so congested that people had to look for a parking space and were stuck in long traffic jams.

In several places, drivers had created their own unauthorized parking, which led to more traffic jams in the city. Apart from traders swarming the area outside their shops, stalls of fruit and vegetable vendors were erected illegally at any place in the market which left very little space for commuters to pass.

He further said that although the city’s traffic police (CTP) tried to suppress the encroachments, relevant departments should play an effective role in resolving the issue permanently.

Improper parking creates obstacles to the smooth flow of traffic, he said, adding that traffic wardens and ground officers have been instructed to take strict action against irresponsible road users.

An increased number of traffic wardens were deployed on busy roads to clear bad parking spots while lifts were also available to lift wrongly parked vehicles and motorbikes, he added.

The CTO said every effort is being made to regulate traffic in the city and urged citizens to cooperate with traffic police so that traffic problems can be solved and people can be eased with smooth traffic. on city roads.

He informed that the CTP, in its effort to regulate traffic on the city’s roads, has levied fines amounting to more than Rs 16.3 million in the last six months for various violations of traffic rules .

The CTP issued 288,786 challan notes during the period, he added. He said the CTP monitors speeding on different roads in the district and takes action according to law against offenders.

He informed that the squad was carrying out speed enforcement operations through speed cameras on main roads especially the old and new airport road and in other areas including Taxila, Kallar Syedan and Meharabad.

The CTO said that the CTP has formed a special camera team to check for speeding on various roads and this measure has helped to control road fatalities in the district significantly.

Naveed Irshad informed that the CTP has made every effort to control speeding and other traffic violations.

In addition, the education wing of the CTP was also working to educate road users about traffic rules, he said, and advised road users to obey traffic rules and cooperate. with traffic officers in order to reach their destination safely.


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