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Dew Street Campaign says ateb may apply parking fees next month

CHARGES could be introduced at one of the last free places to park in Haverfordwest as early as next month, according to a local campaign group.

The Dew Street Campaign met Will Lloyd Davies, Executive Director of Development at ateb, on Friday June 17, where the parking situation at the old Dew Street Pool and Library was discussed.

Ateb sent a letter to local residents in May informing them of their intention to contract a third-party parking company to manage the car park – which is currently free to park.

Today, June 25, Dew Street Campaign posted a message on its Facebook page stating that motorists will have to pay at the old library site from next month.

The message read: ‘Charges via ANPR will be introduced by ateb next month for access to the car park behind the Old Library.

“These charges will be equivalent to the PCC rate at the St Thomas car park, by the swimming pool. So in about three weeks your car’s license plate will be recognized in all current car parks behind the Old Library, Dew Street, and card/cash counters available to accept payment.

Annual PCC parking permits currently cost around £150 per year. Resident parking permits cost around £40 a year, but only limited to a select few.

The letter to residents of Dew Street informing them of Ateb’s intentions

Western Telegraph: Residents have been using parking with a limited rate for 20 yearsResidents have been using limited-rate parking for 20 years

Western Telegraph spoke to a member of the Dew Street campaign who attended the June 17 meeting. They described how the parking landscape in the city will change massively.

“Fair play to Will, he came to meet us,” the spokesperson said. “He has a wide plan but when asked for details he is not very clear.

“Some people have been parking there for free for 20 years.

“We are very aware that the whole parking landscape in the upper town is going to change.”

Western Telegraph: St Thomas car park charges that could serve as basis for Dew Street ratesSt Thomas car park charges that could serve as a basis for Dew Street rates

Ateb has unveiled plans for the former Haverfordwest Library site after acquiring it from Pembrokeshire County Council in a deal struck earlier this year.

They have been contacted for comment.

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