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DEM seeks more information on Lighthouse Inn site maps | News

NARRAGANSETT, RI – The Department of Environmental Management has said it wants more information from three bidders vying to redevelop the former Lighthouse Inn property on state land in the Galilee, and their gave 10 days to deliver them.

In a letter of December 17, DEM deputy director of the Office of Natural Resources Jason McNamee requested more information from representatives of the City of Narragansett, iCell Aqua Inc. and PRI X about their separate plans to transform the plot. of five acres where the dilapidated and closed hotel sits.

They have until December 27 at 5 p.m. to do so.

“Some of the original proposals may have contained some of these elements, but we hope you can refocus on those specific areas and provide more detail,” McNamee said.

DEM was originally scheduled to complete a review of the proposals on December 15.

The state wants more detailed information in five key areas described in the letter.

Bidders must provide a financial plan that shows “how the project would be financed and what would be the economic impact of the project”.

Each should also provide a statement of their team’s experience: “Background and experience of key executives involved in the project, including description of similar projects and the financial history of those projects”.

Third, the State asked everyone to indicate whether there was flexibility in certain areas of their proposal.

“It’s important for us to know if there are contingencies or room for negotiation for a few things like rental terms or land ownership requirements,” McNamee said.

Bidders must also develop or modify the timelines for their projects.

“It’s important for us to understand some of the timelines in more detail and if / how any of the above changes or details may impact those timelines,” McNamee said.

Finally, he asked for a detailed explanation of public amenities such as park spaces or educational or recreational elements that would be part of the project.

The state and PRI X issued a request for proposals on September 30, and the offers arrived on November 15. The timeline outlined in the RFP provides for final approval and execution by January 15, 2022. DEM and PRI X will have the final say on which proposal to accept.

Narragansett’s proposal would transform the plot into a boutique hotel with 75 to 100 rooms with a restaurant, reception hall, gallery and parking lot. The new hotel would be complemented by a ferry disembarkation area and an outdoor market directly across from the ferry terminal on Great Island Road.

The redevelopment program also includes plans for a 400-car parking lot attached to the hotel for long-term ferry parking, and a mixed-use building for offices and housing.

PRI X – a partnership between large real estate company Procaccianti Group and Paolino Properties – is proposing to demolish most, but not all, of the existing hotel and keep the front section on a level that faces Great Island Road.

It would be extensively redeveloped with new roof lines, front façade and signage, all in the style of a typical New England fishing village. The front section would then be split into separate footprints and marketed to local businesses to take advantage of the foot traffic generated by passengers and the parking lot of the Block Island ferry. The front parking area would be replaced with landscaping, park benches, historic shelves and more to increase retail offerings.

For phase 2, PRI X would develop the Galilee Inn, a 20 to 40 room boutique hotel.

Quonset Area Aqua Development Inc., in conjunction with iCell Aqua Inc., proposes to build a $ 30 million seafood processing facility and device to purify and recycle water. The land would still offer parking and a three-story office building is part of the plan.

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