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DC Srinagar visits Sonawar Cricket Stadium

DC Srinagar visits Sonawar Cricket Stadium

Conduct on-site review of arrangements for Day I celebrations

posted on Jul 31, 2022 | Author RK News

Srinagar, July 30: As part of the celebration of the upcoming Independence Day-2022, Deputy Commissioner (DC), Srinagar, Mohammad Aijaz Asad visited Sonwar Cricket Stadium on Saturday to review onsite preparatory arrangements/activities for put in place by the respective departments.

At the start, the DC and officers toured the stadium pavilion and VIP gallery to get a first-hand assessment of preparatory activities. He carried out an on-site examination of the arrangements to be put in place for the smooth running of the Independence Day celebrations.

While presiding over a meeting on this occasion, the DC directed officers from all relevant departments to ensure all preparations regarding the various facilities, including seating arrangements, cultural programs, parade, transport and facilities of parking, power supply, deployment of medical and first aid services and fire and rescue teams, installation of PAS.

Besides media management, issues related to security and entry of VVIPs, VIPs and other participants were also discussed.

The DC also insisted on having ironclad security arrangements in and around the stadium to ensure hassle-free celebrations of the function. He also enjoined the officers to maintain close coordination with each other for the smooth running of the function.

With regard to vehicle parking, the DC has asked traffic officers to assess the capacity of the parking spaces identified for the event and to formulate an action plan so that the maximum number of vehicles of the dignitaries and other participants coming to attend the function be accommodated.

While SMC authorities have been told to ensure that all toilets are functioning properly, in addition to installing mobile toilets at the site on August 15, they have also been told to take action against the threat of dogs around of the site.

The DC also insisted on having elaborate arrangements of bilge pumps to combat waterlogging, if any caused by rainfall during the dress rehearsal procedure and the mega August 15 event.

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