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Dane County Says It Cannot Afford To Cut Alliant Energy Center Proposals | Local government

The first phase of a massive redevelopment of the Alliant Energy Center was supposed to include a 74,000 square foot extension of the centre’s exhibition hall. But the developers have abandoned the expansion and instead focus on building a new hotel, another major part of the overall project.


Plans for a roughly $ 600 million portion of the massive Alliant Energy Center expansion far exceed Dane County’s budget and fall short of what county council and committee members expected.

The three developers who submitted proposals for the first phase of the project abandoned the expansion of the Dane County-owned exhibition hall and instead focused on building a private hotel – a major change from this. that the county was looking for in its master plan for the center.

Even with the scaled-down proposals, there is a huge budget deficit: Dane County would need around $ 100 million in public dollars under current project plans. The county has no plan to find that much money.

“We don’t have $ 100 million to spend on this right now,” Dane County CFO Charles Hicklin told members of the Alliant Energy Center redevelopment committee on Tuesday.

Two developers have been asked to adjust their plans by Friday to cut costs. But even if it is successful, Sup. Dave Ripp, 29th District, said he was disappointed that the plans did not include improvements to the county’s existing facilities, namely the expansion of the 74,000-square-foot exhibition hall that the county was seeking in the part of the first phase of the project.

“I think we were hoping that somehow the private sector would help us fund some of the public projects that we want to do,” Ripp said. “Instead, it looks like we need to invest, say, $ 100 million just to get them to come onto our property, to use our land, to do private development.”

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